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New patented products of Boshi: Gate Based on network protocol layer isolation

in response to market demand, Wuhan Boshi Electronics Co., Ltd. launched a new product in May 2009 - network security file exchanger bok201/2 series products. Invention patent number:

network security file exchanger is mainly used to connect between the user's personal computer and the internal computer of the enterprise, or between any two computers. Mainly use C.5 soil 1 mm/min; Secure file exchange between them, while avoiding intruders on the interconnection from invading or controlling or stealing files through the user's computer. Thus, it can safely avoid the cross transmission of U disk viruses, and also reduce or avoid the spread of viruses, Trojans, and malicious plug-ins between computers connected by ordinary Ethernet. After Windows XP stops upgrading, it is more important to continue to use XP for network safe file exchange than patching

Bosch's network security file exchanger adopts Bosch's unique patented technology: the software adopts USB private as the leading protocol in the B2B field, and the hardware connection adopts RJ45 network connection. The internal and external hosts use special programs to transfer the files that need to be exchanged through the RJ45 connection of the specially equipped usb-rj45 conversion head, so as to achieve the purpose of file exchange. With this technology, we can abandon the fragile internal and external security isolation mechanism based on tcp/ip protocol, and achieve the security isolation of internal and external connections in a real sense. The theoretical transmission speed of USB can reach up to 480mbps, which can meet the speed requirements of 10m/100m Ethernet

the USB private communication protocol adopted by Bols's network security file exchanger is completely based on data blocking and direction, which can ensure that external data can be mapped to the internal host through directional synchronization of data without reaching the internal host at all. In this way, even if the intruder can successfully control the external agent, theoretically, relying on the current tcp/ip, it is impossible to construct data communication that can be compatible with two completely different transmission media and transmission protocols at the same time, so it is impossible to transmit malware to the internal host through USB. Although the hardware connection line adopted by Bols's network security file exchanger adopts the standard Ethernet RJ45 line, its level, line sequence and signal definition are completely different from the standard Ethernet signal (at least the power line is added), so it can also prevent external malware from using the standard Ethernet protocol (tcp/ip protocol) to propagate inward

because the USB file transfer protocol adopted by Bosch's network security file exchanger is a private protocol, not a public tcp/ip protocol widely used by the Internet and Ethernet, nor other public protocols (such as NetBEUI, ipx/spx, etc.), and the computer is connected to a USB communication port, the intruder on the interconnection is absolutely unable to analyze the private transfer protocol, so even if he can control the client, Nor can normal transmission be established to transfer data to the proxy host

such a workflow can establish a relatively safe internal and external interaction system, which can not only meet the internal and external data communication, but also greatly reduce the possibility of data leakage due to the weaknesses of tcp/ip protocol, such as tension, compression, bending, fatigue, peeling force, bending, etc

main performance features:

the size of the shape driven hydraulic cylinder is small (102*70*26mm), and no external power supply is required. The joints at both ends do not distinguish between inside and outside, which is convenient for installation

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