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Patriot AI new products help mass entrepreneurship and innovation Beijing, September 7 (Xie Dongying intern Wang Tianhao) on September 6, 2018, Patriot AI new products conference with the theme of "Ai + new retail · mass entrepreneurship and innovation + integrity ecosystem" was held in Beijing. In combination with the release of the new generation of Jucy intelligent fruit juice machine, Patriot unveiled a series of solutions for entrepreneurs such as retransmitted soldiers and the needs of different industries and application scenarios, so as to improve the success rate of mass entrepreneurship and innovation and meet the needs of enterprises for win-win results in the integrity ecosystem

Feng Jun, chairman of Patriot group, elaborated on brand strategy and the concept of mass entrepreneurship and innovation development. Photographed by Wang Tianhao, a Chinese youth intern,

Feng Jun, chairman of Patriot group, explained patriot's brand strategic advantages and innovative and entrepreneurial development ideas at the press conference, and made a detailed explanation and demonstration of this new AI product. He said that on the basis of realizing "more, faster, better and more economical", patriot Jucy intelligent healthy juice machine enables consumers to have a scientific and intelligent health experience, eat healthily and use conveniently. "The concentrated clear juice of vegetables and fruits is physically squeezed and separated to remove impurities and retain nutrients and trace elements. It has passed the British BRC certification, the American FDA certification, the Jewish kosher certification and other international certification, and is exported to Coca Cola and Pepsi. Families can eat it at ease and supplement energy." Feng Jun said

Feng Jun said that in the era of artificial intelligence + new retail, Patriot launched online and offline interactive entrepreneurship around new products, wiped off the antirust oil and grease mode on the experimental machine, empowered the real economy, accelerated the reform of traditional enterprises, and helped the retransmission soldiers to implement mass entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship. Each fruit juice machine is equivalent to a physical store shared by 6000 integrity brands, opening up the channel between integrity brands and consumers, eliminating various costs such as provincial and municipal rent decoration, checking whether the lifting action of the jaw seat is consistent with the text shown on the button, and improving the integrity environment of China Internet

wuchaolong, vice president of Patriot group, introduced the "competitive ranking" business model of Patriot integrity alliance. Photographed by Wang Tianhao, a Chinese youth intern, wuchaolong, vice president of Patriot group, introduced the "competitive ranking" business model of Patriot integrity alliance, which has been established for five years. With the patriotism, integrity, teamwork and win-win model of Olympic Games + Davos + Costco, it broke through the bottleneck of Internet traffic and strengthened the bottleneck that close contact fees and advertising fees are too expensive with key upstream and downstream customers, Let Chinese honest enterprises enter the testing machine from Jinan for free. Patriot integrity alliance will gradually cultivate 2000 industries to rank the top three in terms of competitive quality, so that consumers can see it at a glance

it is reported that since its establishment in 1993, Patriot has experienced the construction of an ecosystem from digital technology to intelligent hardware, to mobile Internet and integrity. In every social and business transformation, Patriot keeps pace with the times and has been actively exploring and thinking about new business models and paths

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