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Bartonfield cincincinnati won the infringement case against Donghua Machinery

a Chinese court recently made a ruling in favour of bartonfield in the long-time product piracy case of European extruder manufacturer bartonfield Cincinnati Austria against Chinese equipment manufacturer Donghua Machinery Co., Ltd., bartonfield company issued a draft on March 17

according to bartonfield, headquartered in Vienna, Austria, the latest ruling made by the Guangdong Provincial Higher People's court supports the previous decision made by the lower court that bartonfield won the lawsuit, which may bring an end to the marathon lawsuit between the two sides that lasted for seven years

as early as 2003, pattenfeld illegally stole confidential information and pirated its po450 pipe extrusion system as e-mail:donglingyang2008@; @; By, Donghua Machinery was sued to the Chinese court. The machine was produced by bartonfield's subsidiary in Foshan, Guangdong Province

by 2007, a court in Dongguan, Guangdong Province ruled in favour of bartonfield, but Donghua Machinery was not satisfied with the judgment, so it filed an appeal. Donghua Machinery was subordinate to Datong Machinery Co., Ltd., a Hong Kong plastic manufacturer

bartonfield said that the latest judgment made at the end of 2010 upheld the original judgment

Battenfeld said, "the [Guangdong Provincial Higher People's] court ruled that Donghua Machinery violated the intellectual property rights of battenfelcinnati, which was true, rejected the appeal of Donghua Machinery, and upheld the original judgment made by Dongguan court in 2007."

Battenfeld said that the court ordered Donghua Machinery to pay a fine of 500000 yuan (US $76000)

at present, it is not known whether Donghua Machinery will continue to appeal. Bartonfield announced that he had won the "final victory" of the case, and a company spokesman said he believed the case was over

Donghua Machinery did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Previously, the company argued that the pipeline extrusion technology involved in the case was widely used in many enterprises in China, and accused bartonfield of deliberately distorting the facts

Battenfeld said that they submitted "decisive evidence" to the high court to prove that this technology is unique to Battenfeld, and it is impossible for other peers to crack and reproduce it using reverse engineering technology

Battenfeld said, "Donghua Machinery simply can't show evidence that they independently developed this technology."

several European Union countries, South Korea and New Zealand also plan to implement the ban. Cincinnati CEO jurgenarnold said in a statement: "the case shows that it is absolutely worth taking legal weapons to defend their legitimate rights and interests, especially the intellectual property rights developed with years of painstaking efforts."

a spokesman for bartonfield said that the court's ruling had been issued before and after the K exhibition held in Dusseldorf, Germany at the end of October last year, but considering that he did not want this news to affect other major decisions announced by bartonfield at the K exhibition, it was postponed to publish it

po450 system includes a single machine quality screw extruder, extrusion die and downstream equipment

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