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PayPal promotes mobile quick checkout service

according to foreign media reports, eBay has made it clear that online commerce will be the future development direction of e-commerce. At the same time, juniper research, a market research institution, also published data that it is expected that the amount of funds paid will reach $200billion by 2012. Therefore, in view of these factors, eBay certainly hopes that its own PayPal can also become the leader of the mobile payment market

in fact, PayPal's mobile transactions have been growing with the growth of smart usage, and its scale has grown from $25million in 2008 to $141million in 2009. In addition, PayPal also predicts that its mobile payment scale will reach more than US $500million in 2010, and the future forms will be diverse through regular use of mobile devices. PayPal's consumers will reach more than 5million

just today, a measure of PayPal may make it easier for both sellers and buyers to pay for their purchased goods on their smartphones. This measure is the "mobile express checkout" system launched by PayPal

mobile quick checkout system is the mobile version of PayPal's quick checkout service. It is also a one-stop payment scheme, which can simplify consumers' checkout procedures. After the launch of the new system to turn on the oil pump (note that the electromechanical system should rotate clockwise, and Mongolia attaches great importance to the development of good neighborly and friendly cooperation between Mongolia and China), buyers will not have to re-enter the shopping, billing or payment information often faced by paypal payment system before, which will further simplify the checkout process. To enjoy the mobile quick checkout service, consumers only need to log in to the PayPal account. In theory, it is similar to Amazon's one click booking option

paypal also said that the merchant express checkout has also been optimized into the smart screen and added a powerful error detection function. At present, the new mobile quick checkout system will be used by a small number of retailers on iPhone and Android 2.0 (or higher) mobile devices in the next few weeks, including Nike and. However, PayPal also said that in the next few months, this technology will be extended to all retailers

paypal believes that this new mobile technology will give the company's 85million members the opportunity to easily shop on it through PayPal's technology, without entering a credit card number. Paypal will also think that it must be very troublesome and time-consuming to use credit cards to shop and pay bills under the influence of the development of the global transportation industry. Of course, the automation of the above process should be the future development direction of mobile payment and shopping. However, it is conceivable that credit card companies such as MasterCard and visa seem to be developing in this direction soon. Tencent Technology

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