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Patent name: a fixture for the production process of printing round pattern. Port layout of 8 special institutes, 3 Asia and Qinglan port as important ports. Name: a printing round pattern system can be used to include automatic correction functions for architecture and Aerospace; Including many industries for process fixture

patent application No.: cn 7 Publication No.: CN

application date: February 24, 2004 publication date: August 31, 2005

applicant: Zhejiang Shaoxing Light Textile Technology Center Co., Ltd.

the invention discloses a fixture used in the production of printed round patterns, which aims to meet the round processing of different models by replacing the collet when processing circles of different sizes So as to reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency. The fixture mainly includes a connecting plate and a collet. The connecting plate drives the collet to rotate through the connecting pin. At the same time, the collet is fixed with the connecting plate by clamping the notch on the axial fixed pin through the movable pin, and the collet is fixed axially through the axial fixed pin. A spring is installed inside the movable pin to make the movable pin move up and down. By pressing the movable pin to align its notch with the notch on the axial fixed pin, the collet can be smoothly removed from the connecting plate and replaced with other collets, so as to complete the processing of workpieces of different sizes

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