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PC has become the general engineering plastic with the fastest growth rate among the five engineering plastics. Polycarbonate (PC) is a thermoplastic engineering plastic with excellent comprehensive performance. It has excellent electrical properties, low water absorption, good light transmittance, and visible light transmittance of more than 90%. It is the only variety of the five general engineering plastics with good transparency, as well as high strength, ductility and toughness, Thus, it is widely used in electronic appliances, home appliances, building materials, automobile manufacturing, medical devices and other fields. At present, this material has become the general engineering plastic with the fastest growth rate among the five engineering plastics

since 2005, the consumption of polycarbonate in China has increased rapidly from 600000 tons to 1.8 million tons, with an average annual consumption growth rate of 10%. It is expected that the PC demand in China will continue to grow rapidly in the future. The heat insulation performance of polycarbonate plate is 25% higher than that of ordinary glass, the impact strength is 250 times that of glass, and the weight is only 1/2 of glass. Therefore, PC is an ideal lighting material for building decoration industry. PC board is widely used in various shapes of large-area lighting roofs, stair guardrails and lighting facilities of high-rise buildings

automobile is another important terminal application of PC. the consumption proportion in foreign developed countries is about 20%, but the consumption proportion in China is only about 5%. The trend of automobile lightweight is more and more obvious. Polycarbonate has excellent impact strength and is easy to mold processing. Compared with some synthetic materials, such as high-speed steel and aluminum alloy, it has greatly reduced the weight. In addition, PC films used in the photoelectric field, light diffusion PCs used for LED lighting, and radiation resistant PCs in medical devices are all potential demand hotspots in the future. It is expected that the polycarbonate market in China will continue to grow by 8% to 10% in the future

at present, the global supply of polycarbonate is highly concentrated. The material concept has three characteristics: the technological threshold for polycarbonate production is high, the production capacity is mainly concentrated in multinational chemical enterprises, and the overall goal of highly centralized supply and coal to eliminate excess production capacity is achieved. According to the statistics of authoritative institutions ICIS and Bayer, the production capacity of the world's top six companies accounts for 94%. Due to the strict control of technology by international giants, domestic polycarbonate plant production is mostly invested by foreign enterprises or Sino foreign joint ventures. In 2016, China's actual output was only 570000 tons, and its imports exceeded 1319000 tons

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