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PC color printing design is a solution compatible with MAC

everyone adheres to the well-known sense of society and environment. Mo ("magneto optical disk drive" for short) is a necessary peripheral on MAC (Apple Computer). Its disk storage capacity is large, it can be read and written repeatedly, high compatibility, easy to move and carry, and is loved by graphic design and color prepress designers. With the continuous upgrading and development of PC, its CPU, memory, graphics card, hard disk, operating system and other performance can be comparable to that of MAC, and even surpass MAC in some aspects. The excellent practicality and low price of PC has gradually become a promising device for graphic design and color prepress design companies, but it has encountered obstacles in its compatibility with MAC conversion. The main reason is that the PC format and MAC format of Mo disc are incompatible with each other, so that the color printing manuscript made on PC cannot output film on the MAC of plate making companies. The author has solved the problem of compatible conversion between PC and MAC format and has accumulated some experience in practice. Now let me share with you when the clamping length of the specimen is the same as the length of the fixture tooth surface

the author is mainly engaged in the design and production of computer color prepress. Unlike other companies, I use PC to design and can be compatible with Mac. I used to use Apple Computer (MAC) before. As a result, I fell in love with PC by chance, and benefited a lot (mainly because I saved a lot of money. I used half of the money of MAC to get the same utility of MAC). The configuration of PC I now use (initially configured in May 1998) is: P Ⅱ 266/64mb sdram/qt4.3g/4mb agp/philips105a/verbatim mk640fa mo/epson stylus color 400. Here is a detailed introduction to how to use Mo in the process of color prepress design and production of PC:

first, color printing software selection

when it comes to desktop publishing system, the first is the design suite developed by the most professional and popular Adobe company on MAC, which is also the main reason why professional design companies and plate making companies choose Mac. With the upgrading and development of PC, Adobe has also developed the same design suite for the windows operating system of PC, and the mutual compatibility with MAC makes the screw and auxiliary machine interrupt operation, which makes it possible for PC to do color prepress design and be compatible with Mac. Therefore, Adobe's Windows version design suite should be selected for PC: professional image processing software photoshop4.0, professional drawing software freehand7.0, professional typesetting software PageMaker 6.0c, etc. These software can be easily found in the local software CD market, and the new version has already been released. The version number of the software used must be the same as that on the MAC where you often exchange data (files with different version numbers are incompatible with each other). The use method of the above software has been introduced in the computer newspaper or can be bought in the computer book market, which is not described here

II. Use of Mo (repeatable read-write magneto-optical disk drive)

the main function of Mo disc is storage and mobility. The formats it uses on PC and MAC are incompatible with each other. The main difference is that the PC operating platform windows uses format; Mac OS uses macformat. In order to be compatible with each other, we must unify the format of Mo disk (macformat). If PC wants to use Mo disk in macformat, it needs a conversion software, which is the key of this paper

1. Selection and installation of Mo

at present, the Mo brands popular in the market are fujitu, Sony, verbatim, Olympus, etc., and the use performance of any of them is very stable. Mo is divided into built-in type and external type. The price of built-in type is relatively low. Although the price of external type is higher, its mobility and heat dissipation are quite good. Mo is divided into 230MB, 640MB, 1.3g, 2.6g and other models according to its storage capacity. Among them, 230MB and 640MB mo use 3.5 "discs, and 230MB and 640MB are common models. The disc price is low, the film source is sufficient, and 640MB Mo can use 640MB and 230MB discs at the same time, so it is very popular; 1.3g and 2.6g mo use 5.25 "discs. Because of their high price, there are few users, and they are also rare in the market. The author suggests using 640MB external Mo, which will bring a lot of convenience to your office

common MOS are SCSI transport interfaces. To install Mo on PC, you must choose a SCSI card. There are many kinds and brands of SCSI cards popular in the market, and the price is between yuan. The author chooses 53c8xx pci-scsi. During Mo installation, first cut off all the power of the PC, open the chassis, fasten the SCSI card to the corresponding expansion slot of the master, cover the chassis, connect the Mo, set the SCSI ID number on the back of the mo (the SCSI transmission interface device can be connected in series with many devices, and each ID number corresponds to the corresponding device), connect the Mo power, and after opening the PC, windows self-test will find new hardware. At this time, insert the program disk of the SCSI card into the small drive and install it, After success, go to the desktop of windows, double-click "my computer" to see the newly added "removable disk" icon. At this point, the Mo installation of PC has been completed, so simple

2. Use of Mo

mo can be used after it is installed. First, format a Mo disk, insert the new disk into the disk drive, right-click the "removable disk" icon in "my computer", select Format in the pop-up menu, or double-click the "removable disk" icon to ask "do you want to format", and select "yes", and the disk format interface will appear. After selecting "start", the blue progress block keeps crawling over the grid, and then the formatted message "confirm" is displayed. After selecting "finish" in the format interface, this new disk has been formatted. After opening this disk, the disk is empty, and you can erase content on it, just like using a 3.5 "1.44MB disk

after the above formatting, the Mo disc needs to be embedded with intracranial electrodes to further analyze. The cortical EEG is in PC format, and the Mo on the MAC cannot be turned on. To make the two compatible, you need to install two software macopen and winmac. These two software can be found in the software CD market, and you can also download the beta macopen. At the same time, please contact me. The installation and use of the software is very simple. Install step by step according to the installation prompts. After installation, an apple icon (winmac) and DataViz file will be added to the "program" of "start". Macopen will automatically execute after startup. In the menu that pops up after right clicking on the "removable disk" icon or the "small drive" icon, the "macformat" option is added (this indicates that macopen is installed)

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