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A new type of hollow aluminum bending machine with special functions has been successfully developed in Zhangjiagang Longguan special decorative material factory and has applied for a national patent (inventor: zhaoshiping, application No.: 2)

this new type of aluminum bar bending machine can not only solve the problem of low bending yield of bending machines on the market (including imported machines) when bending aluminum bars (especially specifications below 6a), but also improve the yield to 100% by using WY (2) 00a electronic tensile testing machine with test accuracy of 0.5 level, And can bend the ordinary aluminum strip that the former cannot bend at all

if you have such a new bending machine, you can use cheap ordinary aluminum strips to produce high-end bending aluminum strip insulating glass with less labor and time

can always provide us with reliable data support. If your customers need to bend aluminum strip insulating glass, the new bending machine can help you save at least half of the aluminum strip cost. Get up and have a look

if your bent aluminum strip insulating glass is provided to your customers as cheaply as ordinary insulating glass, you will occupy a larger market share and have stronger market competitiveness

we sincerely welcome your purchase. You can bring your samples to the site for debugging

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also known as strain gauge

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