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Patton promotes the new generation of pri/e1/pri VoIP and SBC

American Patton electronics is an award-winning manufacturer of smartnode VoIP solutions, copper link Ethernet extenders and bodi RS high availability fixed and mobile Internet routers. At present, the company has obtained an order for the new smartnode 5570 ESBR t1/e1/pri enterprise session boundary controller futures "Benz" to take PC lampshade: iron ore 1605 contract strengthened throughout the day and smartnode 4170 t1/e1/pri VoIP closed

Patton's next-generation t1/e1/pri smartnode VoIP solution is designed for small and medium-sized enterprises to provide more powerful performance required by small and medium-sized enterprises with an unprecedented compact shape and affordable price

s1 integrated design n5570 and sn4170 describe their current situation as Patton tri multi fluoro, which supports IPv6. The company has produced nity operating system at full capacity and provided G. 722 high density voice (HD voice), TLS encrypted signaling, SRTP encrypted voice, and many other advanced enterprise level functions

the new Patton VoIP CPE solution provides one or two t1/e1/pri ports, which is very suitable for overcoming the major challenges faced by enterprises in the transition from traditional systems to VoIP and unified communication systems

ip support: existing pots or ISDN systems for SIP trunking (PSTN fallback is optional to maintain survivability)

integration: integrate SIP system with pots/isdn network to gradually transition to all IP (including SIP trunk and PSTN connection)

replacement: replace the expensive TDM connection with the existing PBX (investment protection) with a low-cost SIP trunk

connection: connect IP PBX to PtSn through one or two pris

in SIP relay applications, Patton's separate configuration domain ensures the safe separation of operator Wan and customer LAN with clear SIP service division points, while the built-in web wizard simplifies and accelerates the configuration of the client

in the ISDN field, smartnode PRI equipment enriches the office user experience by reliably supporting transparent ISDN features such as explicit call forwarding, billing notification, call line identification display and call line identification restriction

the optional high-precision 5 ppm clock pulse source can prevent the common interoperability of DECT, PBX and fax in ISDN environment

during the product launch, Patton offers special discounts to distributors and resellers for early qualified buyers

related to this, Patton recently partnered with target distribution to help U.S. operators/suppliers transition customers to all IP services

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