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"New cotton padded jacket" in the severe winter of the water industry

"survival or destruction, this is really a problem?"

when Hamlet's doubt lingers in our minds, the atmosphere and temperature of winter have deeply invaded our nerves. After the frequent financial assistance of countries around the world, the second wave of enterprise storm still comes unexpectedly. How to survive in the harsh winter is an urgent problem for colleagues in the water industry

there are two mainstream ideas in society: one is to reduce management costs, compress various expenses, shrink scale, enhance cash flow, and store grain for the winter. On the contrary, the low point of the market is exactly a good opportunity for enterprise development. The organization's expenditure in mergers and acquisitions and market development will be very low, and there will be many market opportunities, which is a heaven sent opportunity for industrial upgrading, management upgrading and market upgrading

our view is that on the basis of reducing management costs, we must carry out strong market development, that is, increase revenue and reduce expenditure at the same time, but the key is how to find a "new cotton padded jacket" suitable for the enterprise itself

the "water industry UV disinfection equipment service standard certification meeting" on November 27 is the "new cotton padded jacket" we gave to our colleagues in the water industry

through rigorous market research in the early stage, water selected excellent enterprises with the highest share in the UV disinfection equipment market, and hired famous industry experts and 15 strategic partners of water to participate. While evaluating the service standards of UV disinfection equipment, it also created an exchange and communication platform for many participating enterprises, hoping that the suppliers of the acquisition side can keep warm in the second round of enterprise storm, Sew your own "new cotton padded jacket"

the challenge of survival and the opportunity of becoming bigger and stronger

who has stored enough energy for winter? Who has prepared cotton padded jacket for winter

spring comes after winter. Whoever can survive winter is the winner

we don't know who can survive this winter and who can become one of them? Winter is both a challenge and an opportunity. This is an era of eliminating the weak and making the strong stronger. It is also an era of intelligent game

at present, the door to the water industry market, which can only use the same fixture to stretch and tighten, has been opened, and a group of forward-looking investors have successively entered the wave of competition in the water industry market. In the twinkling of an eye, the market competition pattern of the water industry has initially taken shape, and now it has come to the era of the United States and the Central Plains. The basic trend of the aquaculture era is that the competition between individual enterprises rises to the competition between industrial chains, as well as the specialization and scale of various service links. Through industrial integration, service quality can be guaranteed, unnecessary intermediate costs can be reduced, production costs can be reduced through the expansion of scale, and the advantages of downstream can be closely combined with those of upstream to promote the development of upstream, so that all links of the industrial chain can jointly obtain the market. This form will change the procurement relationship between upstream and downstream, which coincides with the strategy of China's water "water business circle"

in the context of industrial transformation, China water "water business district" has specially created a professional procurement and bidding platform to serve the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain. As a business link, the goal is clear and clear: shorten the winning time of excellent products and technologies, and eliminate inferior products and technologies in the market. Under the guidance of such a clear strategy, the "water business district" will move forward steadily

in line with the goal of "concluding a strategic alliance in the supply chain and meeting the era of win-win industrialization", 15 powerful equipment procurement units such as water companies, engineering companies and bidding companies have successfully joined the water business district and established strategic cooperation, including Beijing Capital Co., Ltd., capital Aihua (Tianjin) Municipal Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd., Jinzhou environment group, Beijing Sound Environmental Protection Group Co., Ltd Radiation dose resistant gaobao Co., Ltd., zhongkecheng Environmental Protection Group Co., Ltd., Tongfang Co., Ltd., China International Tendering Corporation, Huijin China Co., Ltd., China Water Investment Co., Ltd., Lianhe Runtong water Co., Ltd., Beijing Meihua Boda Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd., China Environmental Protection Water Investment Co., Ltd., Anhui Guozhen environmental protection and energy conservation technology Co., Ltd Nanjing Zhongchuang water Co., Ltd

as the assistant to the president of sound environmental protection group Li Li, executive general manager of IP international, said, "in the new economic era, enterprises should not only face the industrial market and capital market, but also face the 'virtual market'. The 'water business circle' of China's water has built such a platform in the environmental sector. The 'physical Enterprises' in the real world should be separated from the' virtual enterprises' of the world, from 'singles' to' doubles'. I believe that the 'water business circle' of China's water." Integrating the upstream and downstream of the industry will greatly promote the cooperation in the water industry chain. "

while placing hopes on the water business district, the equipment manufacturers also put forward valuable guidance and opinions. Xia Zhixiang, general manager of Guangzhou new land, gave pertinent comments on the evaluation standards of water industry equipment: "At present, there is a situation of multiple failures in the equipment service of the water industry. The inferior enterprises in the 'survival of the fittest' have not been fully identified, resulting in the failure to give full play to the excellent enterprises. There must be standards for the evaluation of equipment services. At this time, a credible third party needs to stand up and make a fair, fair and open evaluation. Chinese water has the strength to do this thing well and solidly."

the water business district carries the high expectations of the vast number of colleagues that colorform is particularly suitable for the visual components of the exterior decoration area, and is moving steadily towards its goal. On the basis of holding the strategic Salon of "four strategic cooperation in the industrial chain war response temperature in the era of water industry" and a series of water business district exchange activities for many times, the first and second "water business district business Salon" have been successfully held. So far, salon has organized five types of equipment core enterprises, water procurement and bidding strategic partners, equipment users and experts to actively discuss and formulate the "water industry equipment user evaluation standards", and improved the previous "water industry equipment user satisfaction survey" on the investigation methods and evaluation standards, and gradually carried out systematic user investigation and evaluation of different equipment types according to professional service evaluation standards, Build an authoritative, objective and impartial professional open platform, promote the establishment of a healthy order of the water industry equipment market, promote the optimization and integration of the industrial chain, and ensure the sustainable development of China's water industry. Let's wait and see the third "water business Salon" and UV standard equipment service standard certification meeting

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