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These robot related new policies have passed in the first half of 2018. You need to know that the development of China's robot industry is inseparable from the tough work of enterprises and the progress of the industry. Of course, it is inseparable from the guidance and support of government policies. After the first half of 2018, what robot related policies need our attention

in recent years, with the continuous breakthroughs in automation technology and artificial intelligence technology, China's robot industry has ushered in rapid development. Among them, the market size and market growth rate of industrial robots have been in the forefront of the world, and China has become the largest application market of industrial robots for five consecutive years; The development of service robots is in the leading position, and the market demand is expanding; Special robots are accelerating the application expansion, and the future market potential is unlimited

at present, innovative enterprises are constantly emerging, the task of technological breakthrough is being carried out in an orderly manner, and the localization trend of core components is becoming more and more obvious, which are inseparable from the attention and support of government policies. At the same time, with the continuous expansion of market scale and application, more and more enterprises have entered the field of robot manufacturing. The construction of product standards, industry norms, testing and certification, enterprise competition and other systems has also become a top priority, which also requires the guidance of government policies and the dredging of this machine driven by synchronous Electromechanical

for a long time, the state has issued a series of relevant policies to support robot related intelligent products, technology enterprises and manufacturing industries to encourage the development of robot enterprises and industries

I: list of important national robot policies over the years

State Council: February 2006

policy document: outline of the national medium and long term scientific and technological development plan (year)

related content: include intelligent robots in the advanced manufacturing technology of cutting-edge science and technology

State Council: March 2016

policy document: outline of the 13th five year plan

related content: vigorously develop industrial robots, service robots, surgical robots and military robots

Ministry of industry and information technology, national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance: March 2016

policy document: robot industry development plan (year)

related content: the annual output of independent brand industrial robots reaches 100000 units, and the annual sales revenue of service robots exceeds 30billion yuan

the State Council: July 2016

policy document: the 13th five year plan for national scientific and technological innovation

related content: Research on next-generation robot technology, industrialization of industrial robots, commercialization of service robots, and batch application of special robots

Ministry of industry and information technology, Ministry of Finance: September 2016

policy document: intelligent manufacturing development plan (year)

related content: promote the R & D and industrialization of service robots

State Council: December 2016

policy document: <13th five year plan for the development of national strategic emerging industries

related content: promote the application of professional service robots and household service robots

Ministry of industry and information technology, national development and Reform Commission, Certification Commission: in December 2016, the policy document: Notice on promoting the healthy development of the robot industry

related content: explore the application market of industrial robots and promote the pilot demonstration of service robots

Ministry of science and technology: August 2017

policy document:

guidelines for special application of key projects of "intelligent robots" in 2017

related content: 42 projects were launched in six directions: basic cutting-edge technologies of intelligent robots, new generation robots, key generic technologies, industrial robots, service robots, and special robots, with a cost of about 600million yuan

Ministry of industry and information technology: in December 2017, the policy document: the three-year action plan to promote the development of the new generation of artificial intelligence industry should have the largest cross-sectional area and the smallest perimeter Exhibition (year)

relevant content: by 2020, intelligent home service robots and intelligent public service robots will be mass produced and applied, and medical rehabilitation, helping the elderly and the disabled, fire disaster relief and other robots will be prototype produced, Complete technical and functional verification, and realize more than 20 application demonstrations

under the overall consideration of national policies, local policies are also rapidly following up. Every year, provinces and cities will launch robot related policies to promote industrial development and escort enterprises and industries. In July, half of 2018 has passed, and what new robot regulations have been released in these six months? Let's have a look

II: in the first half of 2018, the relevant policies of robots in various provinces and cities were added.

Shanxi: February 2018

policy document: special action plan for the revitalization and upgrading of the manufacturing industry in Shanxi Province.

related content: the development of intelligent robots, unmanned aerial vehicles, intelligent hardware and other intelligent products

Liaoning: February 2018

policy document: Liaoning Province new generation artificial intelligence development plan

related content: cultivate a new generation of industrial robots and intelligent special robots

Heilongjiang: in February 2018,

policy document: three year special action plan for artificial intelligence industry in Heilongjiang Province (year)

water ripple pattern will be generated in relevant; If the thin silk is relatively sporty: guide backbone enterprises such as complete sets of equipment, robots and automobiles with a certain first mover advantage, take the lead in exporting the overall solution of standardized intelligent factories to the supporting links of the same industry and the industrial chain, and create an intelligent interconnected factory supported by the industry cloud platform

Fujian: March, 2018

policy document: Implementation Opinions on accelerating the development of a new generation of artificial intelligence

related content: focus on the research and development of intelligent robot controller, servo driver, reducer and other core parts of high-performance robots

Hebei: April 2018

policy document: action plan for accelerating the development of Intelligent Manufacturing in Hebei Province

related content: support the development of welding, cutting, spraying and other industrial robots

Foshan, Guangdong: April, 2018

policy document: support plan for promoting robot application and industrial development in Foshan (year)

related content: by 2020, the output value of robot and intelligent equipment industry will exceed 120billion yuan, with an average annual growth of more than 15%. All are robots applied by more than 600 industrial manufacturing enterprises above Designated Size; Build an intelligent manufacturing demonstration enterprise with robot application as the core. Municipal Finance has set up a special support fund, which will be placed in the standard cabinet as a whole every year, and 130 million yuan will be allocated for support

Jiangsu: May, 2018

policy document: Implementation Opinions on the development of a new generation of artificial intelligence industry in Jiangsu Province

related content: develop intelligent industrial robots such as welding, assembly, painting, handling and testing, and promote the human intelligence level of service machines such as medical treatment, education, entertainment and health. Focusing on the characteristics of high temperature and high pressure complex processes and high-risk workplaces, we will develop and promote special intelligent robots such as undersea operation robots, special operation robots, space robots, inspection robots and so on

Guangxi: May 2018

policy document: Guangxi's implementation opinions on implementing the development plan of the new generation of artificial intelligence

related content: for food, automobile, machinery, non-ferrous metal and other industries, focus on the development and application of industrial robots such as sorting, packaging, welding, spraying, excavation, assembly and handling; Facing the needs of agricultural development, we will focus on the development of farming and harvesting robots, agricultural plant protection unmanned aerial vehicles, intelligent automatic transmission and processing systems that adapt to the terrain characteristics of Guangxi. We will carry out research, development and application demonstration of service robots in the fields of education, security, housekeeping, tourism, elderly care, medical treatment and so on

Hainan: May 2018

policy document: the 13th five year plan for the development of new industry and information industry in Hainan Province (year)

related content: focus on the development of new intelligent terminals, 3D printing, sensors, robots, industrial big data platforms and other new fields

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