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Zeppelin systems is a first-class supplier in the field of silo manufacturing and pneumatic conveying systems in the plastic industry

henschel mixing technology (a business department of zeppelinsystems) has developed a series of new cooling mixers HCE with extremely high cooling efficiency. The specification of mixerhce (horizontal cooler eff) is between 1 and 1. In many ways, the transmission system is an important part of the experimental machine and has extremely high efficiency: it has extremely high mixing quality, short mixing and cooling time, is equipped with a newly designed container system, and a newly developed cooling mixing tool with a large surface area revealed by Evonik. HCE series has been tested for changing the fracture processing industry in the failure situation of PVC

up to now, in the production of PVC dry mixture, PVC, fillers and additives need to be heated in the heating mixer, and then cooled in the cooling mixer. Due to the requirements of cooling capacity and cooling time, the cooling mixer must generally be 2.5 times larger than the heating mixer. Now, a much smaller cooling mixer can be used

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