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Sichuan issued a new deal to encourage high-tech industries to create and protect intellectual property rights recently, the Sichuan provincial government issued several policies of Sichuan Province on strengthening independent innovation and promoting the development of high-tech industries. The seventh part is "creating and protecting intellectual property rights". Both high-tech and high-tech enterprises are encouraged to give full play to the strong basic research advantages of colleges and universities and the engineering advantages of enterprises in R & D and production. Technology enterprises create independent intellectual property rights and effectively protect intellectual property rights

the document emphasizes encouraging the creation of independent intellectual property rights. Implement the strategy of standards, patents and talents, take the acquisition of independent intellectual property rights as an important indicator for the initiation and acceptance of science and technology projects, support the application for patents of high-tech and products, and give key subsidies to the application fees for obtaining invention patents at home and abroad. Support enterprises to use the green channel of patent examination to speed up the patent examination, approval and invalidation of their core technologies and key components. Support key high-tech enterprises to establish professional patent document databases. Support the research of key technical standards, and give government subsidies to enterprises participating in the formulation and revision of national standards

it is required to effectively protect intellectual property, strengthen the law enforcement of intellectual property protection, and cultivate intellectual property talents in high-tech enterprises. The intellectual property rights and interests of innovators shall be effectively protected, and the unit that completes the service invention shall honor the rewards and remuneration to the inventor according to law. Protect the legitimate rights and interests of non service inventors according to law. Scientific and technological personnel who are engaged in the transformation of high-tech achievements on a part-time basis should protect the intellectual property rights of this sheet 17. Density: gb/t 1033.1 ⑵ 008 plastics. Determination of the apparent rigidity of the density of non foamed plastics. Part 1: impregnation method, hydrometer method and titration method; If you use the intellectual property of your unit or others, you should sign an intellectual property license or transfer agreement. Support industry associations and leading enterprises to establish early warning and rapid response mechanisms in terms of intellectual property rights and technical standards

the intellectual property rights obtained from research projects funded by the government belong to the project undertaking unit. The project undertaking unit can independently decide the implementation of patents and other intellectual property rights, license others to implement them, transfer them, price them for shares, and obtain corresponding benefits

in addition, the other seven parts of the document are: cultivate and expand high-tech products, support the construction of innovative enterprises, promote the development of high-tech industrial parks (bases), promote the industrialization of high-tech achievements, implement the identification and procurement system of high-tech products, speed up the construction of high-tech people altllc will provide recyclable 3D printing materials and product talents for 3D printing communities, and implement the production factor allocation policy

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