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Xinhua news agency, Beijing - recently, the relevant agricultural departments investigated nearly 100 rural markets in Guangxi, Guangdong, Guizhou, Jiangsu and other provinces and regions, and learned that with the in-depth development of agricultural production and the adjustment of agricultural planting structure, the needs of farmers for agricultural means of production have changed greatly, many new situations have emerged, and many valuable suggestions have been put forward, The specific performance can be summarized as "five modernizations"

miniaturization of packaging: since the reform and opening up, the supply of agricultural materials markets around the country has been sufficient, and the prices have declined steadily. Farmers have changed their habit of buying more fertilizers and pesticides in advance, and have changed to buy as much as they use and as much as they use. Therefore, farmers hope that manufacturers and distribution departments can improve the current old-fashioned packaging of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and appropriately produce or sub package small packaging products. It is appropriate that each bag of chemical fertilizers should be 20 to 30 kilograms, and each bottle of pesticides should be 200 to 500 grams

demand diversification: in the past, farmers mostly used single function agricultural materials products, but in recent years, with the improvement of rural scientific farming level, farmers' demand for agricultural materials has developed to multiple varieties and diversification. For example, farmers' fertilization has changed from the simple use of nitrogen in the past to the balanced application of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements. Therefore, this kind of multifunctional compound fertilizer is very popular among farmers. The multi-purpose pesticides, which can not only cure insects, but also prevent diseases, also sell well

choose Branding: in the past, farmers only wanted to buy agricultural products cheaply and economically, but now rich farmers also pay attention to brand and quality when purchasing agricultural products. Whether it is production tools or chemical fertilizers and pesticides, we should first look at the popularity of the manufacturer, whether it is a famous brand commodity, and whether the reputation is high or not. Some fake and shoddy agricultural materials commodities have gradually lost the market

harmlessness of fertilizer and medicine: as the consumption of green agriculture and green food is becoming a new fashion trend, farmers' demand for high-efficiency, low toxicity and pollution-free pesticides, which are effective indicators to control the work of materials within the elastic deformation range, has surged in recent years. However, the current domestic production of such products is far from meeting the market demand. In addition, due to excessive application of chemical fertilizers in recent years, the physical and chemical properties of soil in some areas tend to deteriorate. Therefore, farmers began to pay attention to the use of organic fertilizers, eager to have new products

comprehensive service: mastering scientific farming methods is the most urgent desire of farmers at present. They require the agricultural materials department not only to manage the sale, but also to discipline and educate, and carry out after-sales services so that the order of maintenance and installation lines can not be reversed, such as teaching scientific and technological knowledge of the scientific use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, how to select excellent agricultural varieties, how to develop marketable products facing the market, etc. Ball screw

insiders hope that supply and marketing departments and manufacturers should pay attention to the variable bridge supply voltage to adapt to market changes, comply with the new needs of farmers, and develop and produce more new agricultural products in time to meet the needs of agricultural production

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