The hottest new crawler crane appears in Sany to a

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The new crawler crane appeared in Sany to accelerate the development of the Singapore market

the new crawler crane appeared in Sany to accelerate the development of the Singapore market

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recently, Sany's latest hoisting equipment crawler crane was fully displayed in Singapore. At the same time, Sany welcomed new partners in the Singapore market, and Yinzhan Holdings Co., Ltd. signed a contract to become a new agent of Sany

recognized Sany, and the new agent successfully signed the contract

on the same day, Sany's new and old customers, as well as more than 200 relevant personnel from the Chinese Embassy, Singapore hoisting Association, Chinese funded enterprise association, China Singapore Chamber of Commerce, and Singapore Construction Engineering Department, witnessed the signing ceremony between Sany and the new agent, and watched the comprehensive display of the latest hoisting equipment scc600e/scc1000e crawler crane

the on-site personnel affirmed Sany's amazing development speed and its vision of "contributing a world-class brand to China". Wang Jianru, the first Secretary of the embassy, said that Sany Heavy Industry has developed rapidly and is very influential not only in China, but also in Singapore

"compared with the electronic experimental machine, Sany is the only manufacturer in China that sells two 3000 ton equipment." Subsequently, Wu Likun, general manager of Sany equipment, made an in-depth explanation of Sany crawler crane business, so that customers had a deeper understanding of Sany's performance in the market segment

the dealer licensing ceremony pushed the event to a climax. It is understood that inzon Holdings Limited has three partners from Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. As Sany is committed to localization in all countries and practices the international concept of "taking capital locally and using it locally", the three partners' recognition of Sany brand and trust in Sany equipment hit it off immediately and decided to act as an agent for Sany crane together

when the new equipment is unveiled, there will be a single product on the scene

the new product display is also the highlight of the day. Sany latest 9. Inspection of accessories the new 60 ton and 100 ton E-Series crawler cranes have attracted everyone's attention. In particular, the scc1000e crawler crane is equipped with a built-in luffing jib, which has the significant advantages of saving space, reducing freight and improving operation range. It is tailored for Singapore urban construction projects with high building density and small building spacing

Mr. Sun, who has been engaged in urban construction for many years, immediately indicated his purchase demand after understanding the performance and price of the equipment. It is reported that more than 30 million yuan of intended orders were reached on site that day

at present, Sany has sold more than 150 crawler cranes for the construction of Ningbo new materials technology city at a high level in Singapore, ranking first among Chinese brands, and has participated in the construction of metro, municipal administration, urban construction, shipbuilding and other fields in Singapore. In 2015, the market shrank and declined, but Sany hoisting equipment achieved a sales rise against the market. It signed orders for multiple crawler cranes and truck cranes with Asia Group, one of Singapore's largest engineering lessors, to support its engineering projects in Singapore, Malaysia and Myanmar

with the commencement of large-scale projects such as Singapore Malaysia high-speed rail, Singapore airport terminal 4, Singapore Tompson subway, it is confirmed that the positive number given, coupled with Singapore's advantageous position in the "the Belt and Road" strategy, Sany hoisting equipment will have great potential in Singapore. The relevant person in charge said that a series of sales policies will be launched later to promote subsequent sales growth and further expand the Singapore market

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