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The new deal is about to be implemented, and plastic processing urgently needs to improve the added value of products

the new processing trade policy to be implemented in China on August 23 restricts the export of 150 kinds of plastic raw materials and products in the form of processing trade, bringing greater pressure to the chemical trade. The new processing trade policy aims to adjust China's processing trade structure, which will bring great pain to domestic plastic enterprises

making wedding clothes for others leads to virtual high chemical trade

for a long time, processing trade accounts for a high proportion in China's foreign trade economy, but it has always been making wedding clothes for others. Some foreign enterprises have transferred the production links of some backward products to China, and the added value of their products is very low. Even though they use domestic enterprises to process and produce high-tech products, their intellectual property rights are owned by foreign enterprises; Most of the plastic products processed by domestic enterprises are low-end products

according to the data of China Chemical Information Center, from January to June 2007, the export volume of China's chemicals was US $40.45 billion, and the export volume of processing trade accounted for more than 35% of the total chemical export volume. The first three months of 2017 may be the most another quarter in more than 310 years, during which the foreign trade of chemicals was growing rapidly

in this regard, Zhang Bingzheng, an expert from the General Administration of customs, believes that the total foreign trade volume of chemicals with rapid development contains considerable moisture, one of the reasons is that processing trade accounts for a high proportion. Processing trade is characterized by large imports and exports, with two ends at the same time. Due to the lack of independent intellectual property rights, domestic enterprises only charge processing fees. The profits of plastic enterprises engaged in processing trade are not high, and the actual foreign exchange income of the state is very small. It can be seen that the pull chain of domestic plastic processing enterprises to the national economy is short, and it is far from enough to rely on processing trade to realize the modernization of the industry

in addition, the high-tech content of chemicals produced by domestic enterprises and exported by processing trade is relatively low. At present, among the high-tech products exported by China, a large number of exports are OEM processing. A considerable part of the core technology of the products is owned by foreign-funded enterprises. Most of the core technology and key parts are imported from overseas, rather than independently invented and created by enterprises. China is now a big exporter of products and a small country with world famous brands

take China's exports to the US market as an example. In recent years, China has made breakthroughs in the design and development of catalysts and new product development: the project has developed a slurry polyethylene catalyst PSE (1) 00 with independent intellectual property rights. The export of plastic products from China to the United States has increased rapidly, and the export growth rate and market share of plastic products from China to the United States have continued to expand

however, from the perspective of the import structure of American plastic products, most of the plastic products imported from Europe are high value-added products, such as medical plastic products, complex plastic electrical accessories, etc; The plastic products imported by the United States from China are mainly low value-added products such as plastic toys and durable plastic consumer goods, which are large in quantity but low in price. At the same time, some American plastic processing enterprises often accuse these low-cost plastic products of impacting the sales of their products in the United States, and repeatedly apply to the U.S. government for anti-dumping investigations

increasing the added value of products is the development direction

for this policy adjustment, the official of the Ministry of Commerce said that China does not want to restrict processing trade, because processing trade is still the main form of China's foreign trade, and it is also one of the main ways of domestic labor employment at present. The state will continue to encourage the processing trade of high value-added products, and the adjustment will focus on improving the level and grade of China's foreign trade and adjusting the industrial and product structure

Zhang Bingzheng believes that to cope with changes, enterprises should actively integrate into the international chemical industry environment and seek survival and development in the international chemical industry market

to optimize plastic processing trade, the key is to improve the independent innovation ability of enterprises and aim at high value-added products with independent technology. Take the American plastic market as an example. In the United States, there are many world-class automobile manufacturers, information technology and electronic industry companies. Therefore, the market potential of plastic mold components used for automobile body parts, computer hardware, appliance shells and circuit boards is great, which provides a broad market space for Chinese enterprises. However, there are obviously more middle and low-grade products and less high-end supporting products in China; There are many general-purpose products and few high-tech and high value-added composite materials. China's plastic products industry should introduce and use advanced equipment to develop and develop medium and high-grade plastic products

with the rapid development of beverages, food, drugs, washing supplies and cosmetics, there is a great demand for plastic products. Chinese enterprises should rely on technological progress to increase the variety of designs and colors, develop more functions, and copy the documents of backup data to the new installation path after developing the green reinstallation software, so as to replace the color products and make the products more popular

the quality and technology of plastic products in China still need to be improved, and the product specifications need to be in line with international standards as soon as possible. They are practical, safe and economical, and have been widely recognized by the international community

plastic enterprises should actively develop new markets. Enterprises should strive to establish new trade channels and reduce the risk of excessive market concentration and friction by expanding the market. Make full use of the organization and coordination role of industry associations to develop the market in an orderly manner, so as to prevent people from rushing into mass action and suffering unnecessary losses. Domestic enterprises should actively go out, participate in relevant exhibitions, understand the latest developments in the industry, promote their products, and meet trading partners

industry associations should guide enterprises' processing trade to develop to the high-end of the industrial chain, and extend from simple processing to design, R & D, brand, service and other contents

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