The hottest new design state in China in the 21st

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China's new design state in the 21st century

Su zongxiong, associate professor of Fine Arts Department of Cultural University (Taiwan)

I. the future development, expectations and impact of product design in the 21st century

1. Positive trend of thought - more science and technology, more convenient and faster

2. Reactionary trend of thought - more manual, more humanistic, more simple and natural

3. More humanized, thinking, more considerate and cordial

4. More quality, durability Inspire the human soul

II. The future development of Ci and branding in the 21st century is expected to make the inspection and unpacking of goods 10 points convenient, fast and influential

1. Do not blindly believe in the external image, and design falsely

2. Truly commit to the improvement of various quality

3. Integrate all resources and media, and make overall application. This kind of the most primitive method is very troublesome and dangerous development

4. Adhere to goodness, morality Orthodox social mission and corporate philosophy

III. future development, expectations and impact of packaging design in the 21st century

1. consider environmental protection and save energy

2. Move towards the design direction of simplicity, sincerity and equal emphasis on content

3. Pay attention to the effectiveness of strategies and design objectives

IV. future development, expectations and impact of "design" in the 21st century

1. Design truly solves problems, Instead of manufacturing problems, sjbw-cd microcomputer controlled ultra-low temperature impact testing machine conforms to the national standard gb/t3803 (2) 002 "inspection of pendulum impact testing machine"

2. "Design" reflects real quality, rather than the proliferation of low taste and secondary products

3. "Design" has great influence, don't ignore it

4. "Design" can save society, save country and save the world

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