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New progress in China's semiconductor silicon wafer industry: the project of large-size silicon wafer of core wafer has been capped.

recently, the Hangzhou project of large-size silicon wafer of core wafer semiconductor with a total investment of 6billion yuan (hereinafter referred to as "the 107th China Industrial Expo successfully held the project of large-size silicon wafer of core wafer in the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) on November 3, 2015 (7)), which is expected to be put into operation in April next year

capping of large-size wafer project of core wafer

on October 8, the capping ceremony of the plant was held for the large-size wafer project of core wafer, marking that the capping of the main structure of the project has been officially completed. It is reported that the project was officially started on December 18, 2017, officially entered the site after the Spring Festival this year, and completed the pile foundation construction within two months. Now, after the plant is capped, the factory will enter the construction stages of decoration, electromechanical equipment installation and so on

according to the official project progress briefing, three 8-inch (200mm) and two 12 inch (300mm) semiconductor wafer production lines will be built for the medium core wafer large-size silicon wafer project. When the project is fully put into production, it is expected to reach the production capacity of 8-inch annual output of 5.4 million and 12 inch annual output of 2.88 million semiconductor silicon wafers, with an estimated annual income of 5billion yuan

according to the plan, all civil works of the large-size silicon wafer project of SMIC wafer will be completed by the end of this year. It is expected to start trial production in the first quarter of next year and officially put into production in April next year

the implementation subject of SMIC wafer large-size silicon wafer project is Hangzhou SMIC Semiconductor Co., Ltd., which is a joint venture established by Ferrotec holdings of Japan, Hangzhou Dahe thermomagnetic Electronics Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Shenhe thermomagnetic Electronics Co., Ltd., both of which are members of Ferrotec group

in September 2017, Ferrotec (China) signed an investment agreement with Hangzhou dajiangdong industrial agglomeration zone to invest 6billion yuan in the construction of 8-inch semiconductor polishing wafer and 12 inch semiconductor polishing wafer projects

it is reported that Ferrotec (China), founded in 1992, is the general name of many factories and enterprises set up by Ferrotec group in China. Its products focus on various related fields of the semiconductor industry, and can provide semiconductor materials, semiconductor equipment, semiconductor consumables and semiconductor parts cleaning services to the semiconductor industry

hexianhan, President of Hangzhou SMIC wafer semiconductor Co., Ltd., said in an interview that Ferrotec (China) invested in the construction of SMIC wafer large-size silicon wafer project is an important step for Ferrotec to integrate into China's long-term layout and development, and it is also Ferrotec's global and China 2 The decision made after analyzing the scale demand of the integrated circuit industry and polished silicon wafer Market in the sample country

As we all know, China is vigorously developing integrated circuits in recent years, but at present, almost all 12 inch silicon chips in China rely on imports, and only a few 8-inch silicon chips can be supplied by a few manufacturers. Under the situation that the global supply of silicon chips is in short supply and the price is soaring, the development of integrated circuits in China is undoubtedly strangled

however, with the construction of China's wafer foundry and the terminal driven demand growth, a wave of silicon wafer investment and construction has also been set off in the past two years, with the emergence of one silicon wafer project after another, and it is not ruled out that new projects continue to be added in the follow-up

it is understood that at present, China is actively engaged in the extension, contraction, twists and turns of various metal materials, and the 8 inch/12 inch silicon wafer projects in the experimental line or planning, including a layman user of Ferrotec (China), Zhengzhou Hejing, Zhejiang jinruihong, Shanghai Super silicon, yisiwei, Shanghai Xinsheng, Ningxia Yinhe, Zhonghuan leading, Anhui Yixin, etc

in addition to the well-known silicon wafer projects mentioned above, new silicon wafer projects have been signed and implemented in succession recently. On September 12, Qinzhou City, Guangxi signed an investment agreement with Qishi semiconductor for the 12 inch silicon wafer project with an annual output of 14.4 million integrated circuits, with a total investment of $3billion, which will be constructed in three phases

at present, Shanghai Xinsheng has achieved positive film sales, and it is expected to achieve a monthly production capacity of 100000 films by the end of this year and 200000 films by 2019; Zhejiang jinruihong and Zhenjiang University have successfully developed silicon crystals and polished wafers in the laboratory, but they can't provide positive wafers yet...

it can be seen that the development of China's silicon wafer industry has achieved phased results at this stage. With the continuous production of various major projects such as SMIC wafers, it is expected to alleviate the shortage of silicon wafer supply in China

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