The phenomenon of poor overprint effect of the mos

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Phenomenon of poor overprinting effect of offset printing ink

phenomenon: it is reported that one color pigment cannot adhere to the previous color or several colors in multi-color printing

reasons and measures:

1 The viscosity order of ink is wrong: reduce the viscosity of ink with poor transfer

2. Subsequent color deck inks are too sticky: change the printing color sequence

3. Due to the long interval between two printing, they first adopt polypropylene and elastomer to form a composite, and the ink is fixed too firmly: like most small and medium-sized enterprises, they shorten the printing interval and improve the viscosity of overprint ink; Adding special ink softener into overprint ink; If necessary, use colorant overprint to soften the first color pigment

4. Too much desiccant: use less or no desiccant

5. Excessive dusting: try to use less dusting

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