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The performance of the European Paper Industry Alliance fell

the statistical data on the performance of papermaking in major countries in the world recently released by the Japan Paper Federation showed that in the first half of this year (January to June), the production of paper and paperboard in major European and American countries fell below the year-on-year level again after 2011

in particular, the performance of major countries of the European Paper Union (CEPI) declined. In contrast, China maintained growth, but the growth slowed down. The company plans to transfer the equity and corresponding contribution rights and obligations corresponding to the registered capital of RMB 30million of Yongxing new energy to lixinhai at 0 yuan, and the growth rate fell back to one digit. North America is still in the doldrums, and Canada is down by two figures. From the perspective of varieties, on the one hand, printing, writing and other graphic paper products fell significantly, while on the other hand, the market demand for corrugated paper and toilet paper remained strong

in the field of paper products, the performance of all major American varieties declined. Canadian paper, printing paper and writing paper also declined significantly. European toilet paper maintained growth, with corrugated paper slightly higher than the year-on-year level. China's paper production rebounded from last year's decline to growth, however, uncoated printing paper is still declining

in the cardboard field, corrugated paper in the United States increased significantly year-on-year. China's liner board production was flat year-on-year, but the double-digit growth rate last year began to change

as for the price trend, in addition to the variety, there are also regional differences. American paper has kept its price stable by continuously reducing production capacity and output. Printing and writing paper will remain flat after this spring. However, due to the reduction of production capacity, there have been announcements indicating that the price of medium-grade paper products will rise. The price of corrugated paper was flat until the summer of this year after rising in 2010. Most producers, including the US paper giant international paper, have raised prices since September

in Europe, the prices of some high-grade paper products in printing, writing and writing are on the rise, while the prices of middle-grade paper products have not shown any signs of rise. For the producers who adjusted their prices by taking the opportunity of UPM paper's large-scale capacity reduction, the plan to shut down the oil pump and power supply still did not change quickly

in China, according to the reduction of equipment capacity and the rising price of raw materials, the price of paper, as an exception among the main varieties, has increased. Due to the increase of cheap imported paper, there are signs of changes in the price of scientific research on artificial organs. In addition, the prices of high-grade printing paper and high-quality coated paper, which fell sharply with the decline of pulp prices last year, were relatively stable in the first half of this year, but there is still the possibility of price decline due to the decline of pulp prices again. The price of linerboard also fell due to the decline in the price of waste paper, the downturn in demand and the production of new equipment

affected by the reduction of production and China's expansion of imports, the price of bleached hardwood pulp in pulp first increased, and then the price of bleached softwood pulp also increased. However, this spring, China's pulp inventory increased, and domestic prices began to fall. Soon, the decline in international prices first spread to bleached softwood pulp, and then to bleached hardwood pulp in the summer

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