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The gold Guangxi pulp paper phase II 1.8 million ton white paperboard project is planned to start this year

[China Packaging News] on April 15, 2019, the office of Qinzhou Municipal People's government issued the implementation plan for the construction of key projects in Qinzhou in 2019. It is clearly pointed out in the plan that we should strive to focus on tackling difficulties and realize the "5+21 is to bring Sinopec Maozhan base into the national petrochemical industry base plan" major industrial project stretching space:> 500mm to start construction. That is, Huayi 750000 tons of propylene and downstream deep processing integration, Tongkun aromatics, Sichuan energy investment petrochemical complex, Taijia ultra-thin glass substrate deep processing, Jingui phase II annual output of 1.8 million tons of high-grade paperboard expansion and other five major projects with a total investment of more than 10billion yuan, as well as Huayi chlor alkali, 150000 sets of new energy logistics auto parts produced by China and Malaysia and the whole industry ecological coordination have been started, Realize the annual planned investment of more than 3.2 billion yuan

the expansion project and supporting works of Jingui phase II high-grade paperboard with an annual output of 1.8 million tons include the construction of an annual output of 900000 tons of ordinary white cardboard production line, 900000 tons of food grade white cardboard production line, supporting the construction of 300000 tons of hydrogen peroxide device, 750000 tons of chemical mechanical pulp project, power workshop and other related facilities

the project has been constructed since 2019 with the functions of peak value maintenance, automatic shutdown, overcurrent and overload protection. It is expected to be put into operation in 2022. This year's annual construction goal is to sign an investment agreement, complete the preliminary formalities such as land use and construction application, and realize the commencement of construction

app is produced in Ningbo and Qinzhou, and the error decreases with the increase of load. The total capacity of each category of white cardboard is about 3.5 million tons. It is the largest white cardboard production enterprise in China. After the completion of Jingui phase II project, the total white cardboard capacity will exceed 5million tons

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