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Dongxu optoelectronics' performance greatly increased: the production capacity of the 6th generation line of glass substrates was released. On the evening of January 16, Dongxu optoelectronics announced that its net profit in 2013 was expected to be between 350million and 360million, a year-on-year increase of 145.33% to 152.34% compared with the net profit of 140million in 2012. The newly built 6-generation glass substrate production line of the company will contribute to the production capacity from 14 years. With the company's recent receipt of orders from Taiwan customers, the time for large-scale shipment has entered a countdown state

as for the reason for the rapid growth of performance, the company said that due to the substantial growth of the equipment business of the LCD glass substrate production line, the operating income and operating profit of the equipment business increased significantly compared with the same period last year. At the same time, as the glass substrate industry is supported by the government, The government subsidies and tax refunds obtained by the company last year also increased "The reason why the 5 Argo is that if the same load is driven, it will create a 'partner' model for great growth. From this year, with the completion and operation of the first and second phases of the company's 6-generation glass substrate production line, the company's main profit points will also change.

according to the company's introduction to China Securities, the company's 6-generation substrate line phase I project in Wuhu, Anhui Province has reached production capacity, and the four production lines in phase II will also be put into operation this year Its products have been certified by BOE and Taiwan customers respectively, and the products will be supplied to Taiwan customers this month. This marks the beginning of large-scale shipment of domestic glass substrates

as the key basic material of liquid crystal panel, glass substrate has been occupied by foreign manufacturers. In recent years, the global market has been in short supply due to the internal grain rearrangement field. With the continuous large-scale production of the company's 6th generation line, it will help to break the foreign monopoly situation in this field and improve the company's voice and competitive position in this industry. Zhonghua glass () Department

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