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Kazuo Inamori: the personality of a leader determines the rise and fall of an enterprise

. We have a sense of crisis. We believe that no matter what group, the leaders decide the rise and fall of the organization. The leader's qualification has a great impact on whether the group B. can be held. The leaders who lack excellent qualifications are the reason for today's chaos in the world

there are various organizations in human society, ranging from a public welfare volunteer group to a country. In such organizations, the central figure and core figure of the leader based on the above needs, that is, the person called the leader. Looking back at history, we can see that people's destiny is controlled by group leaders. Good leaders can make the group grow and strong, and bad leaders can lead the group to the abyss

as for the qualifications of leaders, a famous thinker in the Ming Dynasty put forward "deep and thick", which is the first-class qualification, that is, having a thick character and often thinking deeply about things, which is the most important qualification of leaders. At the same time, a famous thinker in the Ming Dynasty said that smart talent is the third class intelligence, that is to say, smart, capable and clever words are only the third class qualification

whether in the east or the west, it is quite common for people with third-class intelligence in the world to be selected as leaders. Of course, such people can work and play a great role as employees, but do they have the excellent personality to act as group leaders? That's another question

I think the fundamental reason why many societies in the world are deserted is that many group leaders only have the third-class qualification. But people's personality is neither innate nor eternal. The personality will change with time. The personality with green, low-carbon and environmental protection and safety may vary from person to person. Some people are born with a good personality, while others are not. Even if a person has an excellent personality, it is really extremely difficult to maintain an excellent personality throughout his life. This is because people's personality is affected by the environment and may change in a good direction or a bad direction all the time. For example, people who used to be very diligent and modest become arrogant and beyond recognition once they have power in their hands. At last, he defiled his own evening Festival. There are countless examples. The other kind of people, who fought against the society in the first half of their lives, took something as an opportunity to repent and become a person with excellent personality in their later years, which also exists

since it is changing, the benchmark for selecting leaders cannot be judged by his personality at a certain point in time. Therefore, when we choose leaders, we must also consider how to improve our personality and how to maintain our noble personality

now, no matter which country, many famous enterprises and their operators are closed down or in trouble because of scandals. These enterprises are established through extraordinary efforts by operators with outstanding talents. However, because the personality of these operators has not been improved, once they become famous, they unconsciously relax their efforts, no longer work hard, just want to enjoy their own business results, and even break the law. Therefore, the most important thing is that leaders must strive to improve their personality and maintain their noble personality

dignitaries in the political and business circles in Washington agreed with me. Mr. Abhisit said that since the United States gained independence from British colonial rule, it has been on the road of prosperity. The most important factor is that George Washington, who has a great personality, became the first president of the United States. If great power is granted to people with immature personality, the consequences will be unimaginable

business operation is the same. In an enterprise, the operator is granted great power. However, the exercise of this power should be to protect employees and create happiness for employees. It can not be used to suppress employees and meet the personal desires of operators. As an operator, I should set an example and take the lead in practicing this philosophy, and constantly strive to improve my personality. If this is done, the enterprise will surely develop and continue to prosper for a long time

I devote myself to my work and business, and ponder over what to do in practice, so that my work and business can be carried out smoothly. In this process, I finally understood the concept, thinking mode and specific method mode of work and management, which can be summed up as philosophy. I not only practiced this philosophy myself, but also explained it to the staff

when the philosophy of this kind of operation is instilled into employees and shared by the whole team, they often encounter resistance. Some people say, what kind of thinking mode do you have? Isn't philosophy personal freedom? However, in order to drive the company's revenue in the first quarter to a new high since the third quarter of 2015, a group like the enterprise needs to set a lofty goal and continue to develop and grow, which requires a correct philosophy and a correct way of thinking as a common standard. On this basis, to unify the direction of all employees, especially the top management of the company who leads many employees, must fully understand the company's way of thinking and resonate with the company's philosophy from the heart. (end)

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