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Introduction: in the first week of 2007, the auto stock broke out with an unprecedented strong momentum. This high-profile attitude shows that the protagonist of the 2007 market is quite brave. Specifically, the auto stocks showed a strong upward trend for two consecutive trading days this week. On Thursday and Friday, FAW Xia

in the first week of 2007, the automobile stock market broke out violently with a strong momentum that had never been used for high precision before. This high-profile attitude shows that the protagonist of the market in 2007 is quite bold in strategy. Specifically, the auto stocks showed a strong upward trend for two consecutive trading days this week. On Thursday and Friday, FAW Xiali, Jiangling Motor and other auto stocks rose sharply. On Friday, Chang'an Automobile, Shanghai automobile and other auto stocks rose sharply. A round of magnificent market in the auto sector is breaking out

another industry that attracts people's attention is the machinery manufacturing sector. In the process of the transfer of the global machinery and equipment manufacturing industry center to China, and in the concept of "the rise of great powers" that people have talked about, the machinery manufacturing sector is a piece of heavy weight. Not only in China, but also in the global market, the four emerging countries led by China, Russia, India and Pakistan, such as manufacturing engine covers, rocker covers, cooling and heating devices and oil tanks, have risen rapidly and their economies have grown rapidly. On the one hand, the demand for steel, non-ferrous metals and various raw materials has increased greatly. For example, the recovery of the cement industry has given the domestic concrete machinery manufacturing industry a huge space for development, Sany Heavy Industry, a leading manufacturer of concrete machinery in China, confirmed the accuracy of the testing machine. At present, the price has reached 33 yuan; Zoomlion also reached 23 yuan

of course, there is a certain risk for the continuously rising varieties to catch up. We suggest investors to pay attention to some undervalued varieties that are dormant at the bottom and have started. For example, the Zhongtong bus with more than 2 yuan is likely to become the new target of the international giant Mercedes Benz; Ankai bus, whose price has just reached 3 yuan, is expected to enter the Jianghuai integration and become one of the top three passenger cars in China. In particular, Xingma automobile is the largest tank type special vehicle enterprise in China. Its performance has increased greatly, but the price is only more than 4 yuan

Xingma automobile (600375): the leading manufacturer of construction machinery vehicles with the most "phase" of increasing warehouse. The company is the largest manufacturer of tank type special purpose vehicles in China, and also the leading manufacturer of bulk cement transport vehicles and concrete mixer vehicles. Its market share is about 40%. With cost leadership and brand advantages, it will be one of the biggest beneficiaries of industry recovery. In the third quarter of 2006, the company's main revenue increased by 51%, net profit increased by 65%, and earnings per share (diluted) was 0. 1541 yuan, the price is only more than 4 yuan

the national limit on on-site mixing of urban concrete has been expanded from 124 cities to more than 400 cities nationwide. The demand for special construction vehicles and concrete mixers produced by the company is very strong. At present, the cement bulk ratio in China is only 33. 5%, while the cement bulk ratio in developed countries such as the United States and Japan is more than 95%. Therefore, the market potential of domestic bulk cement transport vehicles is also very huge. The company has developed rapidly in recent years, and has established a leading position in the domestic market of bulk cement trucks and concrete mixers, of which the production and sales of bulk cement trucks have ranked first in the country for many consecutive years

the company has developed 11 new products of mixer trucks mainly made in China, applied for 20 new products of bulk cement trucks and semi trailers, 11 new products of dump trucks, successfully developed 39m and 42m domestic pump trucks, and further improved the quality rectification of pump trucks and garbage trucks. The company's ah5262thb concrete pump truck won the key project of the national Torch Plan in 2005, and the ah5abs/pbt alloy with good heat resistance, strength and mobility 250zys compressed garbage truck won the national torch plan project. The company's special-purpose vehicles have won the unanimous recognition of overseas customers with advanced technology, high-quality products and perfect services, and have been exported to more than 10 countries and regions, such as the United Arab Emirates, Mongolia, Vietnam, Algeria, etc., becoming a new force for China's own brand special-purpose vehicles to enter the international market

the general office of the Ministry of Commerce recently officially released the guiding opinions on accelerating the promotion of bulk cement in rural areas. According to the opinions, at present, the consumption of cement for rural construction accounts for more than 40% of the total cement consumption, but the utilization rate of bulk cement is only about 6%. Since 2007, each bulk cement office has supported the construction of a rural bulk cement sales (distribution) station, striving to build 4000 rural bulk cement sales (distribution) stations nationwide by the end of 2010, forming a rural bulk cement sales network, realizing a supply capacity of 80million tons of bulk cement, and driving the national bulk cement rate to increase by 7. 5 percentage points. The company is the largest manufacturer of tank cement special vehicles in China, and also benefits from the new opportunities brought by the opinions

what impresses investors most is that Xingma automobile has maintained a horizontal shock consolidation since August2005. The "horizontal" time is longer than that of BaoTi and Baosteel. Once it breaks out, its strength may surprise all investors! There is a saying in the market, "how long is the horizontal and how high is the vertical". It is the so-called "three years without opening, three years without opening". It means that once a long dormant variety breaks out, its violent outbreak trend is amazing. When such a variety is launched, the buying operation is expected to obtain an amazing return on investment. Recently, the stock has shown signs of starting up

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