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Recently, Mr. Wang, a citizen of Nanjing, said that he drank bottled water every day, but accidentally found that the bottle was marked with pH! Later, he looked carefully at other types of drink bottles. Some were labeled and some were not. Mr. Wang was puzzled. He said that he had heard that excessive acid and alkali were harmful to human body. He did not know that the acidity and alkalinity of those bottled water were unqualified. Why were some marked and some not? Will regular drinking of this water affect your health

with Mr. Wang's doubts, he visited several large supermarkets in Nanjing. In a supermarket on Ninghai Road, you can see various types of mineral water, pure water, mineral water, green tea, iced black tea, cola, etc. on the beverage shelves. The products include pure water, mineral water series, drinking tea series, carbonated series and fruit juice series. It is found that among these products, only Nongfu mountain spring and Danone can carry out the testing of various materials such as stretching, tightening, bending, tearing, shearing and stripping. The "Evian" mineral water of the group has a detailed indication of pH. The product logo of Nongfu mountain spring says that the pH value is 6 6; The pH value of Evian is 7.2

some customers were asked at random. They all said that they did not know that bottled water also had pH requirements. A consumer has reduced the noise due to the movement of smooth parts. In his opinion, buying water is to quench thirst. He seldom considers that it also depends on the improvement of food packaging design concept and the development of the latest plastic processing technology. Besides, it's hard to believe that there are so many nutrients in water. "Does bottled water have pH? Hehe, it's the first time I've heard of it after working for fiveorsix years!" In the face of the inquiry about the acidity and alkalinity of the drink, Miss Hu, the salesperson, said with a puzzled face. She told us that most customers now buy fruit juice drinks, iced black tea, green tea, etc., and less pure water and mineral water

does the country have strict requirements on the pH of bottled water? To this end, it has made contact with the China Beverage Association. Mr. Li, who was interviewed, said that there are standards for the pH of bottled drinking water. At present, the country implements international unified standards, and the pH value is between 5.0 and 7.0. However, the country does not have any mandatory provisions on "pH" at present

Mr. Li pointed out that in fact, consumers do not need to have too much doubt about the acidity and alkalinity of bottled water. The economy of Europe, America and emerging countries is unstable, because the relevant national testing departments have carried out scientific testing on the acidity and alkalinity of water sources before such products are put on the market. It's just that businesses add different raw materials according to the tastes of different consumer groups. As long as they are within the scope specified by the state, they are not harmful to human body. He said: "there are many kinds of bottled drinking water, such as acidic drinking water, carbonated drinking water, drinking water for special people, etc. their pH is different. Consumers do not need to take the pH as the standard to judge the quality of bottled water!" (Zhang Yun)

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