How to judge the quality of paint

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1、 Can opening effect

high quality paint has good can opening effect, without water separation, starch, rust and mildew. The truly environmental friendly latex paint should not have pungent smell or industrial essence smell

II. Visual effect

first look at the water solution. After the coating is stored for a period of time, the coating will appear delamination, the coating particles will sink, and a layer of water solution will be formed in more than one quarter of the upper layer. When selecting, we can see that this layer of liquid is colorless or yellowish, clear and clean, without floating objects or very little, which indicates that the coating quality is very good. If the glue solution is turbid, showing paint color or a large number of internal floating objects, or even covering the surface of the solution, it indicates that the paint quality is poor or the storage warranty period has expired, so it is not suitable for use

next, look at the fineness of coating particles. We can use a cup of clean water to test. Take a small amount of paint and put it into the water. After gently stirring, if the water in the cup is still clear and bottomed out, the paint particles are relatively independent in clean water, there is no bonding phenomenon, and the particle size is relatively uniform, indicating that the paint quality is very good. Once stirred, the water in the cup becomes turbid immediately, and the particle size is differentiated, indicating that the coating quality is not qualified, so it is better not to use it

moreover, you can mix the emulsion paint with a wooden stick, and then pick it up with a wooden stick. When the high-quality emulsion paint flows down, it will form a fan shape. Touch it with your fingers, and the authentic emulsion paint should feel smooth and delicate

III. coating

the coating should not lose powder, and can be washed with water if there is dirt. This requires the film to have certain washability. The national standard stipulates that the qualified products shall not be less than 100 times, and the first-class products shall not be less than 300 times. After the high-quality emulsion paint is wiped with a wet cloth, the film color is as bright as new. The washability of the low-quality emulsion paint is only a few times, and the coating will fade or even be damaged

IV. performance and environmental protection test results

consumers should not listen to advertising alone, but should pay attention to the spot check results of national authoritative departments. The products must comply with gb/t9756-2001 national standard for synthetic resin lotion coatings and gb18582-2001 limit of harmful substances in interior wall coatings of interior decoration materials. The testing institution must be approved by the State Bureau of technical supervision and have CMA Testing mark





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