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Many people think that the decoration of second-hand houses is much simpler than that of new houses, because the decoration left by the former owner can be used again, which saves a lot of time and money. However, according to the editor of Wuhan Decoration network, this is not the case. Everyone has his own favorite things, and the same is true of decoration. It is difficult to meet the situation that two homeowners like the decoration style, color and decoration collocation

therefore, the decoration of second-hand houses should not only go through the steps of new house decoration, but also dismantle and adjust the original decoration before that. So what should we pay attention to in the decoration of second-hand houses? Xiaobian has prepared several notes for the decoration of second-hand houses. Anyone who wants to buy second-hand houses should come and have a look

precautions for second-hand house decoration

6. Tile laying. It mainly refers to wall tiles and floor tiles. In the notes for the decoration of second-hand houses, this process is generally carried out after the water and electricity are completed and there is no problem in the inspection. When installing tiles, it is from the wall tiles in the bathroom, kitchen, balcony, and then the floor tiles, so that the wall tiles will not be damaged and more cleaning work will be generated

7. Doors and windows should be replaced in time. Generally, doors and windows need to be replaced after being used for a certain period of time, because once the doors and windows are deformed, the safety of items in the house will not be guaranteed

8. Switch socket. Add necessary switches. Now families need to use more and more electrical appliances in the process of daily life, so when redecorating second-hand houses, we must appropriately increase the number of switches and sockets according to the installation position of electrical appliances and personal usage habits. It is best to make a plan in advance and fix the position of switches and sockets before decoration

the above are some problems that need to be paid attention to in the decoration process of second-hand houses. Of course, other problems may be encountered in the decoration process of second-hand houses, which requires everyone to grasp by themselves





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