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From May 18 to 19, the "know you Research Institute" of the apple of your eye landed on Youpin road in the south of Chengdu, adding another wonderful time for the weekend. Let's feel this powerful young force ~

520 has passed. Have you revealed your love to the TA you are thinking about

5.21, today, Xiaozhu also has a deep confession to you

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love is the first palpitation, and love is also a bit of careful management

today, Xiaozhu wants to say that she loves you and understands you better.

the Pearl of her eyes home furnishing "made with ingenuity ・ China trip"

"understand your institute" has landed heavily and brilliantly interpreted the young lifestyle

"know you Institute" inspires young people's imagination of life

from May 18 to 19, the Pearl of the palm household "know you Institute" parachuted into Youpin road in the south of Chengdu, adding another wonderful time for the weekend. Let's feel this powerful young force ~

the life model room rotates vertically by 90 °, presenting a different perspective for young people, causing netizens and passers-by to punch in

walk into the "know you Institute" and experience the young and diverse aesthetic preferences and ways of home delivery of the Pearl of your eyes

"understand your graduate school", a younger way of communication

your work circle and your classmates circle are flashing expression packs with different styles; There will always be a screen button in your circle of friends with your parents; There is a Pacific Ocean between your home decoration idea and your parents' home decoration idea...

a more smooth way of communication and a more tacit concept of life. Because you know you, you cherish it more

"because of you, like home", "bring passion, come to my house to have fun", "no time to go out to play ~ it's too fun at home"... There is always a customized bottle of Coca Cola personality declaration that suits you

such a hard core life declaration, spicy and beautiful life dream space, self timer, hair circle, trembling sound, what we want is that the picture is beautiful enough, the music is hi enough, and there are enough likes

better home experience, exclusive design of the whole house, your life is up to you. A cooler way of home consumption, one-stop service in the whole house, carrying bags, checking in. What you see is what you get at the Pearl of your eye

the Pearl of the palm household for 30 years, better understand you

30 years old, is a watershed for an enterprise from fearless exploration to mature development

30 years old, witnessed the evolution and upgrading of Chinese living ideology

30 years old, understand life, find the beauty hidden in ordinary life, and regain our tacit understanding

because of love, every moment of life

we are the Pearl of each other

because of home, the soul has a safe shelter

truly yearning for life, this stop stops





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