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In modern society, many people like to buy buildings with balconies. Do you know what Feng Shui is about the decoration of open balcony? Let's take a look at the following articles

The decoration of open-air balcony Feng Shui balcony is the most spacious place in the house, which is the closest to nature. Therefore, it absorbs the sunshine, air and wind and rain outside the house, and is the place for home to receive gas. Auspicious and vicious gases flow back and forth in this river. If the purpose of good luck is achieved through some beautification steps in this area, it will be of great help to the improvement of family health and fortune.</p>
<p>taboo orientation: the balcony should not be in the West or North</p>
<p>home If the living environment wants to be harmonious and not conflicting, you have to arrange all parts of the orientation well, and there can be no conflict. The balcony is a sunny place, and you should avoid the wet and cold place in your home, such as the bathroom; Therefore, the balcony should not be designed in the north or west of the bathroom</p>
<p>bad location: the balcony is facing the door and kitchen</p>
<p>the location of the entrance and exit door should not be facing the balcony, which forms the so-called

Wrong layout: balcony into the interior

in order to increase indoor space, many people like to push the balcony into the interior, which not only sacrifices safety, but also destroys the good feng shui of the original house, and the impact is self-evident. Fortunately, the government demolished this part of the illegal construction as soon as it was reported, and increased the punishment, so as not only to ensure the safety of the people in the event of accidents, but also to prevent the people from inadvertently destroying the feng shui of their homes

bad decoration: keep animals on the balcony

many urban families are used to keeping small animals on the balcony because of their small living space. However, raising animals will produce excreta and odor, which will directly affect the family if they are not diligent in cleaning

3. Home and environment related balcony Feng Shui looks at the environment

balcony is a relatively large boundary between indoor and outdoor. Most balconies are open or separated by glass doors and windows, so they are very vulnerable to the adverse environment and noise of the outside world. Understand the balcony Feng Shui taboo, when buying a house, you can avoid the house with obvious defects on the balcony

straight into the environment: the balcony should not be straight into the street

if you look out of the balcony and see the street straight in front, like a fierce tiger, it is a very inappropriate pattern. More importantly, the fast-moving vehicles and noise on the straight road will continue to impact the residents through the balcony, disrupting the peaceful life magnetic field and affecting the quiet atmosphere of the residents, which is very detrimental to the health of the residents

impact environment: balcony should not face sharp corners to impact

in the traditional Chinese concept, Su likes harmony, but is particularly sensitive to sharp corners, so we should try our best to avoid it. If there is a sharp angle in front of the balcony, we must try to resolve it. Most of the common sharp corners are the sharp corners of adjacent buildings. The sharper and closer these sharp corners are, the more detrimental it is to housing transportation

road environment: the balcony should not face the "anti bow road"

the streets of the city are curved and straight. If you look out of the balcony and see the street in front of the house curved, and the corners rush directly to the balcony, this is the pattern of "anti bow". It can be used as a flower rack to plant climbing plants or rotate potted plants to isolate the inside and outside

zigzag environment: the balcony should not face zigzag buildings

now there are some good houses in European style. In order to increase indoor space and daylighting, large bay windows are added, so the outer wall is easy to form a sharp phase, which looks like a row of sharp zigzags

decoration of open-air balcony Feng Shui San Yi

balcony is a space for communication with nature. It should be kept clean and tidy, and no sundries should be stacked

some decorative beautification can be done on the side wall and ground of the balcony, such as installing some lasting decorations on the side wall; Or do some waterscape decoration is also very fresh and pleasant; Plant flowers and plants on the balcony to create a small garden space and add natural scenery to the home

if it is a living balcony close to the kitchen, you can also use one corner of the balcony to build a locker to store some vegetables, food or infrequently used items. A small amount of folding furniture can also be placed on the balcony for rest and catering

six taboos of Feng Shui in decoration of open-air balcony

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