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Yipin VI series

product parameters:

specification: 1218*198*12mm

surface layer: router synchronous alignment

base material: domestic high-quality high-density floor base material

decorative layer: imported laser inkjet paper

tongue and groove process 1: German Hercules arc lock

tongue and groove process 2: wax sealing waterproof glue free technology

notch process: 160 wire deep molding R-shaped groove

formaldehyde release: E0 standard

wear resistance grade : household type I

scope of application: bedroom, living room, public places and geothermal environment

warranty period: 15 years

Yipin VI series flooring advantages:

1. The surface technology of this series of products adopts synchronous pattern matching technology, while adding the current cutting-edge router technology

2. Due to the high technical content and difficult production, the separate synchronous pattern matching process floor or the separate router process floor is rare and expensive in the market. The Sanshan floor Yipin VI series products, which integrates two advanced processes, are even more unique and rare. This technology is the leading use of Sanshan floor, and has applied for China's national utility model patent

3. The wood grain texture on the surface of this series of products is clear and smooth, connected with each other, completed at one go, highlighting the atmosphere. Strong antiquity, strong sense of art, strong sense of three-dimensional, natural and lifelike

4. The overall paving effect of this series of products is simple and natural, with the look and feel of pure solid wood floor

5. This series of products adopts large-size and deep three-dimensional wood grain, which makes the space more spacious. It is the first choice for places pursuing European, classical and mixed decorative styles, and is more suitable for villas, garden houses, high-end tea houses, clubs and other high-end places pursuing personalized decoration




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