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Why do you need half a year when others only have one day to "complete the whole house"? Weiyi customization followed up the two customers who chose to complete the whole house with the fastest speed, and deeply explored the major problems of the whole house that we are most concerned about

since the launch of Weiyi customization's 2019 [good design | full house allocation] Strategy Conference, the discussion on full house allocation in the market has been heated:

peers pay attention to how Weiyi customization can be completed? How is it different from the previous "whole house customization"

upstream and downstream building materials and electrical appliances brands focus on how to develop the whole house supply market together with Weiyi customization

and the most eager is the consumer facing the problem of home decoration: "what surprise can Weiyi's customized whole house provide me?"

fantasy and curiosity can't solve the problem. The editor of "Weiyi interesting" followed up the two customers who chose to complete the whole house with the fastest speed, and deeply explored the major problems of the whole house that everyone is most concerned about

the young family of three

Mr. Zheng of poly Zishan learned about Weiyi customization at the end of 2018 through a friend's introduction. Because the new house will not be closed until August 2019, he is not in a hurry to determine the decoration plan. During the new year, he learned about many customized home brands, which also led to a design plan from liuxiaolei, a designer of Guangzhou Weiyi

"Mr. Zheng has compared the design schemes of many companies when he came to me. When I first communicated with him, I focused on exploring some of his needs, and highlighted them all with red pens, including electrical appliances, curtains, lighting, and background walls. I will match these accessories into the scheme according to the overall home style"

all accessories can be achieved in the scheme

to Mr. Zheng's surprise, The designer carefully considered the actual use needs for him, and even made a detailed analysis of the parameters and indicators of electrical appliances, completely eliminating the trouble of going to the electrical appliance city to study and compare again. Considering the younger age of his children, Liu Xiaolei specially matched a water purifier suitable for the direct drinking water quality of infants. These details moved Mr. Zheng and his wife very much

Mr. Zheng said, "I have carefully compared the prices of electrical appliances. When customized and matched in Weiyi, it is even cheaper than the retail price of major brands of electrical appliances. For example, the two door refrigerator I chose is hundreds of yuan cheaper than the event price of the official mall."

considering the actual needs of users, Liu Xiaolei designed a work area for the master bedroom

"Both of them are young, about 30 years old, and I think they are the model of a good harvest for both career and family. They attach importance to the time cost. Mr. Zheng has confirmed with me whether these things can be in place at one time. He is afraid of the situation that furniture can be installed once and household appliances can be installed once. These things are not needed in Weiyi's one-stop matching. Because Weiyi has opened up the channels of these accessories, and they are all delivered in a unified way Delivery and installation greatly saves customers' time. "

finally, Mr. Zheng made a decision and confirmed it when he first looked at the design scheme, and paid a deposit of 100000 yuan

Regal's three suites at a time

compared with Liu Xiaolei's customer case, the customer of Foshan Weiyi designer Liang Yi (Ms. Huang) has a trace of legend

Ms. Huang has a pair of married children who have bought a house in Lingnan Tiandi, Chancheng. Ms. Huang learned about Weiyi customization on the Internet. After visiting the exhibition hall, she recognized the product quality very much, and especially loved Bordeaux manor and golden seal Paris. Because a pair of children are working abroad and the three houses are run by her alone, she has been looking for a trusted brand to help her finish the home decoration in one stop. After communicating with Liang Yi, it was finally decided to hand over the whole house to Weiyi for customization

Weiyi customized Bordeaux Manor series products

"Ms. Huang has better economic strength, so she will naturally pay more attention to the brand and quality. But rich people will not waste money, and they will have higher requirements for this. In addition to Weiyi, she has also compared with other brands, and finally believes that our cost performance and service are more advantageous. Including the scheme I have made, which has been revised once before being drafted, she is more satisfied that we can use the design drawings to completely present the reality of her home situation. In addition to the standard sofa and coffee table, there is also a supporting background wall, which saves her a lot of time and energy. " Designer Liang Yi said

Weiyi customized golden printing Paris series products

the above two customers represent two generations of consumers. Although their consumption ideas are very different, they all choose Weiyi customized whole house matching. Why on earth

the editor drew several conclusions through visiting the case analysis:

good design: give customers home decoration suggestions from a professional point of view, consider more complete functions, and give consideration to the beautiful design. High appearance value, more practical

one stop: customers only need to nod their heads to confirm the decoration plan, and the follow-up work is all left to Weiyi to customize, saving nearly 1/3 of the decoration time from decoration to bag check-in

more preferential: the integration of supporting products saves the costs of suppliers' logistics, installation and storage, and finally becomes a tangible benefit for consumers

big brands: Weiyi customized high-quality brands that collect dozens of home decoration main materials, integrated home systems, soft decoration and electrical appliances, with better quality

Mr. Zheng and Ms. Huang decided to hand over the whole house to us because they fully understood and experienced the advantages of Weiyi customization. When the building is closed in a few months, they will be the first customers to experience that the whole house is fully equipped and checked in with bags

at that time, the editor will take real photos on the spot for the first time to share the real installation effect of [complete house] with you. Please pay attention

(source of this article: Weiyi interesting official account)





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