Ontario farmers to get more mental health supports

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Ontario farmers to get more mental health supports | CBC News - Today News Post Today News || UK News

Mark Reusser knows what it’s like to feel anxious and stressedThe constitutional right to freedom of religion and peaceful assembly.. The farmer from a rural community south of Cambridge, Ont. is never quite sure what his income will be or how quickly a good crop can become almost worthlessThe U.S. Food and Drug Administration to expan.

“One of the interesting things about farmers and agriculture is that our income is determined by events beyond our control,” said ReusserRichard Lautens, who is also?vice-president of?the Ontario Federation of Agriculture.?“If it’s too hot, if it’s too cold, if it’s too dry or too wetFriday 4 a.m., or the prices are too low, all of those things influence our income.”

Reusser?said?the uncertainty of not having a steady paycheque can bring on a lot of anxietyThe southwest U.S., stress and sleepless nights.?

“I certainly remember laying awake at night wondering, is it going to rain tonight? Am I going to make a good income from the hay that I cut? Or am I not going to make any income at all? You have to live with that and you have to live with it every day.”

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