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Shanghai Science and technology 114 helps enterprises solve the problems of innovation and entrepreneurship.

enterprises' innovation and entrepreneurship will always encounter a barrier that cannot be overcome. It goes without saying that there is a shortage of funds. Where can we find those R & D personnel who specialize in technology to help? Can those expensive large-scale instruments and equipment be rented at a low price? Can the indispensable international scientific and technological literature be queried for free? Shanghai one-stop R & D platform can help enterprises solve these innovation and entrepreneurship problems. As long as enterprises dial the number called technology 114, the R & D platform can provide enterprises with services such as information collection and release, expert consultation, overall solutions and so on, which are linked according to the requirements of policies such as the "energy saving and new energy vehicle technology roadmap"

this is the first Shanghai R & D public service platform that has been in operation for 8 years, which specializes in making it an open-loop technology service, mainly for small and medium-sized enterprises, responds to the needs of enterprises and provides services. It is a pyramid type technology innovation service system covering nine fields, such as biomedicine, electronic information, energy and environmental protection:

the tip of the pyramid is 12 technology innovation service platforms, With the goal of supporting industrial development and facing the common needs of enterprise technological innovation, it covers the 12 directions of high-tech industries and serves the technological innovation chain of the industry; There are 61 professional technology service platforms in the middle of the pyramid, aiming at one or more common technologies in the industry, supporting and promoting the development of high-tech industries, and carrying out the promotion of cutting-edge technologies and various technical services by efficiently gathering resources and realizing the test platform of mutual hypothesis of advantages in a way of supplementing at the rising position; At the bottom of the pyramid are 696 franchised professional service institutions, including 34 national testing centers, 32 document and information service institutions, 59 science and technology business incubators, and 270 research and experimental bases

last year, the R & D platform also focused on promoting the joining of scientific engineering and major equipment resources of large thermoplastic unidirectional belt processing technology, including Shanghai light source with a value of more than 1.2 billion yuan, Supercomputing Center with a value of 200million yuan, Tongji University wind tunnel center with a value of 200million yuan and other major equipment. At present, the R & D platform has 36 devices with more than 10 million yuan, basically covering all major scientific research facilities in Shanghai

up to now, the R & D platform portal has been visited nearly 190million times, and its external services have reached more than 50 million times. The number of individual users of the platform has reached 386000, of which more than 80% are from enterprises, involving more than 30000 small and medium-sized enterprises. Technology 114 has provided enterprises with more than 230000 traffic services so far

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