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September 8 rubber daily review: Shanghai Rubber continued to rise sharply, paying attention to the monthly line pressure

on September 8, Shanghai natural rubber futures surged, and the main 1001 contract opened low and went high. At the end of the day, it closed strongly with the stock market rising, increasing positions and shrinking volume. The contract opened at 18280 yuan/ton today and closed at 18480 yuan/ton, up 410 yuan/ton from the settlement price on September 7. The trading volume was 671734 hands and the position was 149240 hands

on the disk, Shanghai glue fluctuated after the opening, and was supported after reaching the five-day moving average. It rose in the session and increased its positions. From the perspective of K-line, the main contract of Shanghai Jiao stock exchange closed under the pressure of the monthly line, and the future market needs to pay attention to whether it can form an effective breakthrough

in terms of crude oil, the electronic disk oil price rose across the board, rising above $68 a barrel. The organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) will hold a meeting on September 9, and the market expects the organization to maintain production at the meeting. Nymex10 crude oil futures closed at $68.77 a barrel, up $0.77

in terms of spot goods, the quotation of the reclamation area continues to be reduced today, and the quotation in Hainan market is 17453 yuan/ton, and the quotation in Yunnan is 17348 yuan/ton; Prices in the international market rose on Monday, and some suppliers continued to seal or even develop 3D printing equipment disks by themselves. RSS3 quoted us dollars/ton at CIF port, and sir20 quoted us dollars/ton; The free trade zone market was driven by the higher price of time glue, the quotation increased significantly, the market buying was more active, and traders made more stock inquiries, but some operators closed the offer, and their reluctance to sell increased. RSS3 was reported at 2170 US dollars/ton

in terms of data, the China Automobile Association released the auto sales data for August today. With the encouragement of national policies, in August, the traditional off-season of auto sales, the sales volume of domestic cars again exceeded one million, breaking the one million mark for six consecutive months since March this year. From January to July this year, the production and sales of domestic cars reached 7.1 million and 7.18 million respectively. In the first eight months, the production and sales of both cars exceeded 8million, and there is no doubt that they will cross the ten million mark throughout the year

in the spot market, on September 8, the official FOB quotation of Malaysian standard glue SMR20 in September rose 1.0% in the morning, and the official FOB quotation of Thai Bangkok tobacco glue RSS3 in September rose 0.8%. The spot price in Asia is strong. Although the futures price in China has fluctuated significantly recently, the price in the Asian market is still adjusting upward. Tight supply and the improvement of the global economy boosted the optimism of the market and supported the spot goods. As the pressure during the peak period of supply is not obvious, the current traders' mentality is more stable, waiting for the arrival of Chinese buyers. The spot market has certain support for the futures market

in other aspects, in August, the off-season of traditional car sales, domestic car sales once again exceeded the million vehicles with problems such as tire performance can not be guaranteed, and exceeded the million vehicles for six consecutive months since March 2009. In the first eight months, the production and sales of automobiles exceeded 8million. In August, Shanghai Volkswagen continued to rank first among the top ten domestic car manufacturers with 65000 vehicles, while Shanghai General Motors' sales reached 63000 vehicles in August, setting a new domestic monthly sales record. In August, Chery sold more than 40000 vehicles, and Chang'an Ford 21000 vehicles, etc. All brands have made breakthroughs in sales. The momentum of China's auto market exceeds market expectations and is expected to last longer, which is good for the demand of Tianjiao

on the whole, the domestic automobile sales volume has maintained more than one million for five consecutive months, and the market demand has maintained a strong trend. At the same time, it has become possible to reduce the production of natural rubber worldwide in 2009, while the automobile industry in other countries has also benefited from domestic stimulus measures, which has supported the sharp recovery of sample rubber knocked down by hammering common fault 7: Method in Shanghai, for example. However, the technical pressure has not yet broken through, and we still need to pay attention to the suppression of the monthly line in the short term

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