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relevant standards

finally, due to the promotion of packaging system standards, the transition to servo system will be easier. Over the past year, the open modular architecture control packaging working group has worked with the world batch forum and the American instrumentation society to speed up the formation of drag and drop packaging modules

the goal of the open modular architecture control packaging working group is to develop standards for the communication between software and hardware in the packaging line. Devices that comply with these standards, such as servo systems, can work normally on any packaging line that meets the standards of the open modular architecture control packaging working group. In most cases, graphics cards or modems are connected to the packaging line through computers

it will be the work of the seller rather than the pharmaceutical manufacturer to confirm the effectiveness of the servo system. However, once the servo system is confirmed to be effective, pharmaceutical manufacturers will no longer have to confirm its effectiveness. They just need to use components that meet the standards of the open modular architecture control packaging working group to establish a system, and then move the beam up and down with the motor power of 0.55kw; Confirm the effectiveness of the final packaging line. As a result, an open and flexible packaging system can be reprogrammed to be competent for the packaging of various drugs and containers, and it can be reconstructed to complete different tasks

if enterprises are facing competitive pressure, low cost and high flexibility are necessary choices. Even if there are concerns about effectiveness, it is impossible to slow down the process of adopting servo system in enterprises

wangyongfan, chief representative of Shanghai Representative Office of Luxor Servo System Co., Ltd., commented: "servo system is applied in packaging production line (in short, motion controller plus servo drive system - composed of servo motor and servo driver) Replace the traditional mechanical long shaft, improve the utilization rate of the production line, and reduce the cost of small batch production; One machine has multiple functions, which greatly reduces the investment of users; Reduce the floor area and maintenance workload, reduce the operation cost, and so on

from the perspective of users, I think that the slight problems brought by the packaging production line equipped with servo system compared with the benefits obtained by the above users, which is more important, users have their own judgment. The problem is that machine manufacturers and servo system suppliers should strengthen technical support for end users, so that users can really "play with" the servo system. As a person engaged in servo drive system, I emphasize this point for the following reasons:

the packaging production line uses high-end servo drive system. Generally speaking, its main features are: a multi axis system, a motion control function for the axis, and a high-speed communication with the upper motion controller and the driver. At present, most users are familiar with the low-end servo drive system, that is, "pure" fixture: metal pressing plate: 100x100mm or Φ 150mm 1 set/2 single axis servo drive, which is only used to complete the positioning control of a mechanical axis; Some users have begun to master the mid-range servo drive system. Usually, it is also used to complete the positioning control of a single mechanical axis, but with programmable logic control function. So it is called single axis programmable

I want to clarify the differences between high, medium and low-end servo drive systems and the situation of users, so as to explain the responsibilities of high-end servo drive system suppliers. Lust servo drive Co., Ltd. will launch a high-end servo drive system s ② ervoone for ground wire interference control in the second half of the year We are now planning how to strengthen technical support and training for users. Zhong Ruihua, regional manager of Rockwell Automation and information group, commented: in order to achieve higher speed and more flexible production goals, more and more functions traditionally completed by mechanical components are now realized by servo systems. For example, electronic cams and gears replace mechanical cams and gears, and high-precision synchronization between multiple shafts does not require "hard/mechanical" connection. Therefore, the packaging production line not only needs interlocking control, but also needs fast and high-precision servo control. The integrated controller/system that can meet the above functions at the same time will bring more benefits to users in programming, debugging, maintenance and other aspects than the control scheme of independent PLC + independent servo controller

for the fast and highly flexible packaging production line, the traditional PLC that only uses ASIC as the processor and can only support conventional continuous tasks and time/event interruption will not be able to realize the overall control independently. At present, the market usually adopts "PC based servo control + PLC" or "servo controller + PLC in the form of independent servo control structure" to jointly complete the control system of a fast and highly flexible packaging production line. However, it still creates two programming environments, and the communication between PLC and servo controller needs to be programmed on the other hand to ensure mutual data coordination. Moreover, the feedback from users and the investigation of independent third parties show that there is often a big gap between PC based servo control and PLC industrial control system in terms of reliability, such as MTBF time and continuous long-term operation stability

in contrast, the kinetix integrated servo control system of Rockwell Automation (AB) provides an innovative solution, and is becoming the first choice of more and more users. Kinetix is composed of Logix multi-function controller (based on PLC structure) and k6000, ultra or PowerFlex s series servo drive devices connected by international standard SERCOS optical fiber

kinetix has the following advantages: Logix multi-function controller, which integrates servo control, sequence control and process control. Logix multi-function controller means that you can develop PID, servo and sequence control at the same time in a development environment. You no longer need independent servo controller and PLC like other systems, nor do you need to consider the data exchange and communication between the corresponding processing of PLC and servo controller, which greatly saves the time of programming, debugging and maintenance

sercos optical fiber ring replaces a large number of wiring between controller and servo device, which can realize flexible deployment of distributed control, and the best protection against electrical noise provided by optical communication makes it simple and convenient for you in grounding, installation and overall design of cabinet

Wei Yi, technical support engineer of the motion control department of Schneider Electric China Investment Co., Ltd.

comment: the application of servo system in the automatic packaging production line undoubtedly provides a more efficient production for the automatic production of packaging. The application of servo system improves the speed and accuracy of the production line, makes the mechanical performance more flexible, and improves the flexibility of machinery. In the production operation, the servo system makes the control more transparent, which is more conducive to the operator's control of the whole packaging production line

servo system is more and more widely used in automated packaging production lines, and its application in China is also more and more. The continuous improvement of the automation of packaging production lines will inevitably drive the market of servo system applications. At the same time, the demand for high-quality servo products is also an irreversible trend

China's manufacturing industry has developed rapidly, but there is still a long gap between the manufacturing level of metal processing and the international level, so the related supporting efficiency of the whole line has also been affected. Therefore, in order to make the high-end servo system achieve higher production efficiency, there must be a better whole line matching

information source: Modern Packaging

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