A new waterborne polyurethane coating 0 was develo

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Japan has developed a new type of waterborne polyurethane coating

Japan has recently developed a coating with a total output of about 10000 tons/year for the protection and decoration of glass. Coating it on the glass can prevent the splashing when the glass is broken, and many of its primary items are made of plastic. The coating film has excellent scratch resistance, alkali resistance and appearance. The coating is made of polyol compounds (such as polybutylene glycol, trimethylolpropane, etc.), organic polyisocyanates (such as dicyclohexylmethane diisocyanate, isophorone diisocyanate, hexamethylene diisocyanate, etc.), basic Polyols (such as triethanolamine), chain extenders (such as ethylenediamine) epoxy resin and/or modified melamine resin. It is a kind of waterborne polyurethane coating. Timing measurement system

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