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Set printing parameters (XI)

Xi. Network automatic reminder printing setting method

in order to give full play to the function of the local area, many users will try to use the network printer to let other users in the local area also share the printing function. However, because the network printer queues up all printing tasks in order, it is difficult to determine when everyone's printing materials can be printed. According to the conventional method, you may often go to the network printer to check. Obviously, this method is very troublesome. In fact, if you use the windows 2000/xp system with new plastic tiles that can also be produced in any color, you can use the following method to let the network printer automatically remind you when to complete the printing task:

1. First, in the windows 2000/xp system desktop, click the "start"/"Settings" command with the mouse, and then open the "printer" or "printer and fax" window

2. In this window, you can click the currently available network printer icon. In the subsequent network printer setting window, use the direction key to move the focus to the position to be corrected, press the OK key to enter the state, and then execute the "file"/"server properties" command in the menu bar, In the subsequent attribute setting interface, the matrix of fiber-reinforced resin matrix composites plays a very important role in the composite, select the "advanced" tab with the mouse

3. Then the system will pop up an advanced tab page. In this page, you can select the option "notify when remote document printing is completed", so that the printer will send a message to the user when printing the specified task. If you cancel the check item of "notify the computer when printing remote documents without notifying the user", the network printer will notify the user of the printing message, and if you select this option, the system will notify the computer specified by the air conditioning shell made of Jinmin environmental protection materials of the printing message

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