Dafa Industry Co., Ltd. and FAW Jilin launched the

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Dafa Industry Co., Ltd. and FAW Jilin launched the 2008 Senya

Xinhua news agency. The state has gradually increased its attention to the environmental protection and recycling industry. Information: Dafa Industry Co., Ltd. and FAW Jilin Automobile Co., Ltd. released the 2008 Senya in Beijing on December 4 after jointly launching the cobalt product of Senya for the first time in June this year, which was once difficult to get. The appearance and interior of the new car have been improved, and the configuration has been increased, providing consumers with more choices of models and colors

the price of the value-added 2008 Senya remains unchanged, with a price range of 69800 yuan to 98800 yuan

Dafa and FAW Jilin Automobile will focus their market strategy in 2008 on high-quality, lean engineering and the improvement of the use value of urban household cars. On the basis of listening to users' opinions, the 2008 Senya launched this time has carried out a number of technical upgrades, improvements and additions to the appearance and hr45t interior. A variety of electroplated parts inside and outside the car are added, and a two-color instrument panel is adopted to improve the seat material. The top configuration model is equipped with a roof tail antenna, and 107 kinds of plastic materials can be in direct contact with food. In addition, according to the needs of users, five seat models have been added to the highest configuration model

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