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Daily comment on the price of chemical fiber raw materials (08.04)

on August 4, PTA and MEG prices should continue to rise based on the needs of experimental methods. The prices of semi gloss and bright polyester chips have increased, the prices of CDP chips have also increased, and the prices of polyester bottle chips have increased. Acrylic staple 1.5D × 38mm, acrylic top 3D × The price of 102mm was consolidated, and the prices of CPL and nylon 6 chips were temporarily stable. Due to the linkage of the continuous rise of upstream raw materials, the polyester cost has increased significantly. Today, the polyester market price has increased again. Among them, some DTY specifications of Shengze local large factories have increased by yuan/ton. Judging from the current polyester market pattern, the polyester inventory level of spinning chemical fiber factories is extremely low, and some specifications and varieties are in short supply. In addition, the prices of upstream raw materials PTA, eg and polyester chips continue to rise, and the textile manufacturers have strong intention to raise prices again. Polyester prices are expected to rise slightly in the short term, but sales may shrink. The price of polyester staple fiber rose again, and the average market price reached 9700 yuan/t before the first successful gasification feeding. 2. The market price of protective and maintenance glue staple fiber of impact specimen notch broaching machine has increased again, and the average price on the market is 16250 yuan/t

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