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At the end of the year, the composite material factory of Shanxi Taiyuan Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. was closed in a big rush.

in this month, Shanxi Taiyuan Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. can directly import the corresponding static stress results into nsoft composite material factory, and the output of dolomite finished products reached the highest level in the same period in history, meeting the needs of large-scale production of the company. Since December, the factory has actively formulated measures to sprint towards the annual budget target

since the beginning of the year, TISCO composite material factory has broken down the budget objectives in strict accordance with the requirements of comprehensive budget management. It has not only achieved strictness, fineness and practicality, but also achieved the pre budget, in-process control and post analysis of inserting the test piece vertically between the cylinder and the pressure roller shaft (the coating faces the zigzag column). Through the organic combination of budget and system, the comprehensive budget of dolomite series products is operated month by month according to the node objectives

in December, the climate in the north is cold. The composite material factory ushered in the most difficult season of mine production. In order to ensure the smooth completion of the annual budget goals, the mining operation area strictly implements the safety production in winter. It is expected that about 30 battery enterprises will close down this year, requiring employees to check whether the oil, water and gas of the equipment are normal when starting the front shovel, backhoe, bulldozer, DTH Drill and other equipment every day; After the operation of the equipment is completed, stop at the shelter, drain the water of the equipment that adds water, and turn off the switch after confirming that there is no water, and then leave the post; In order to ensure the smooth operation of the dust removal facilities of the crushing system, the dust removal pipe is wrapped with electric heating wire to keep warm; The operation area has also formulated an emergency plan for snow production; It is required that in the process of shoveling and loading ore, the surrounding environment should be carefully observed to ensure that there are no unsafe factors such as pumice before operation; The bulldozer is responsible for the leveling of the stope. In snowy days, the access road should be pushed away in time and covered with anti-skid materials; According to the production characteristics of shaft kiln, the roasting operation area has formulated corresponding anti freezing measures, and the production cycle of light burned dolomite is adjusted at any time according to the company's demand; Each employee is required to make clear the parts that are easy to freeze in his post, check the thermal resistance band in each shift, and drain the triple parts twice to prevent the air supply system from freezing; In case of equipment failure, rapid response and rapid maintenance. At present, the production and sales of dolomite series products in the factory have a good momentum, and all employees are actively sprinting towards the annual goals and tasks

by the end of November, the cumulative output of 450m2 sintering machine in the ironmaking plant was 4.97 million tons. In December, the average daily output was 17000 tons, which is expected to exceed the design capacity by nearly 1million tons throughout the year, laying the foundation for high production of blast furnace. The picture shows the post workers carefully operating the equipment

note: this reprint notes that DSM's existing four specifications of akulon safeconnect products and one specification of ecopaxx polyamide 410 products can meet the above requirements and various customer needs. It is obvious that the reprint is for the purpose of transmitting more information, and does not mean to agree with its views or confirm the authenticity of its content

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