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New situation in the development of aerial work platform

aerial work platform is an aerial public work machinery that lifts aerial workers, things, and other items and materials to a specific height in the air through the work platform to stop various devices, protection, inspection, relief and other functions. It is a kind of pressure generated by hydraulic oil mobilized by the power unit, Make the oil cylinder piston move back and forth and mobilize the lifting and landing of the landing platform. According to the difference between the landing platform model and the load, the lifting and landing speed of the landing platform will also be inevitably affected during the operation

the landing platform adopts proportional electromagnet as the electro-mechanical converter

1. Oil pipe control: the longer the hydraulic oil pipe is, the longer it will rise. Therefore, when the device is installed, the length of the oil pipe should be reduced as far as possible within the scope allowed by the design, and the oil pipeline can also be adjusted at large and small levels under the premise that the hydrogel will be decomposed into its original molecular power unit

2. Power unit adjustment: the landing platform is controlled by the power unit and the oil cylinder. The power unit is equipped with four outlet holes during production, but it can be adjusted large or small to increase the hydraulic oil volume of the oil cylinder. The hydraulic oil flow can be adjusted by adjusting the motor speed or the hydraulic proportional valve

3. Oil cylinder control: the size of the oil cylinder should be reduced as much as possible under the environment of meeting the design requirements. The smaller the size of the oil cylinder, the faster the rising speed

4. Cargo capacity: the tonnage of the escort cargo will also affect the speed of taking off and landing. The larger the weight of the escort cargo, the slower the speed of taking off and landing will be, and the smaller the weight of the escort, the faster the speed will be

the landing platform mobilizes the hydraulic oil to generate pressure through the power unit, so that the oil cylinder piston moves back and forth to mobilize the landing platform to take off and land. The landing platform can be divided into a solid landing platform and a mobile landing platform. According to the model and the load, the reduced height, and the task platform, the landing level. Do you know the zero adjustment method of the hydraulic universal experimental machine? Now let's give you a detailed description. The zeroing method of the hydraulic universal experimental machine is inconsistent with the operating speed of the attention desk, so the landing speed of the landing machine can be adjusted

at present, the growth of social economy and the process of urban support reform are constantly accelerating, and the use of aerial learning platforms is becoming more and more widespread. Now, like the excavators a few years ago, aerial learning platforms are in a stage of vigorous growth. It is precisely because of the widespread use of the aerial work platform and the high requirements for Enron's function that many people will be confused, not knowing whether the aerial work platform is a special equipment or not

air homework platform

to identify whether a product belongs to special equipment, we must first understand the viewpoint of special equipment and the premise to be met. Special equipment refers to boilers, pressure vessels (including gas cylinders, the same below), pressure pipelines, elevators, hoisting machinery, landing machinery, passenger ropeways, large recreation measures and public agile vehicles in the field (factory) that touch life safely and have great risks. Among them, boilers, pressure vessels (including gas cylinders) and pressure pipelines are special pressure bearing equipment; Elevators, hoisting machinery, lifting and landing machinery, passenger ropeways, large recreation measures are special electrical equipment

is the aerial learning platform included outside the special equipment? According to the view of full tension of special equipment, we can know that the lifting machinery includes the aerial homework platform, but another boundary point, as long as the load of the aerial homework platform is higher than 500kg, it can be regarded as a special equipment

the small and medium-sized landing gear series of the air homework platform is no longer a special equipment, because in November 2014, the Quality Supervision Bureau and other relevant departments issued relevant policies on landing equipment, clearly stipulating that the landing homework platform is no longer a special equipment, so there is no need to stop filing and inspection, and customers do not need to prepare all kinds of materials and go through all kinds of procedures, which saves a lot of trouble

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