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Daily maintenance and service of printing equipment frequency converter

frequency converter has a series of advantages, such as wide speed regulation range, high precision, fast action response, high operation efficiency, high power and convenient operation. Its application range is more and more extensive, and frequency converters are also widely used in printing equipment. Although it is highly reliable and easy to maintain, due to improper use and the influence of environmental factors (such as air temperature, dust generated in printing, etc.), there will still be failures such as poor operation, so daily maintenance and inspection are indispensable links

daily inspection

even if the items of daily inspection have been extended or expanded to the fillet under the head or the head before breaking, it is mainly to check the operation of the frequency converter, including:

1 Whether the motor has vibration and abnormal sound

2. Whether the frequency converter has abnormal heating

3. Whether the temperature around the frequency converter is within the allowable range

4. Whether the output current is higher than the normal value (some frequency converter panels display the normal current value)

5. If the inverter has a cooling fan, the fan must work normally

periodic inspection

when carrying out the following inspections, be sure to cut off the working power supply and wait until the capacitor of the main circuit is fully discharged. Most frequency converters have led indications. Generally, it is only a minute or two after the light is off to start the inspection. At the stage, open the rear box plate and add the upper sex inspection to the oil tank as follows:

1 Check whether the connecting terminal, the screws fixing the frequency converter and the screws of the connector are loose, and tighten the loose screws

2. Check whether the heat dissipation plate has dust and sediment, and blow away the dust and dirt with air gun bullets. The air gun pressure is 4 ~ 6kg · cm2

3. Check the printed circuit board of the power module. If there is oil stain and conductive garbage, it must be removed

4. Whether the filter capacitor has peculiar smell and whether the safety valve expands

5. Whether the cooling fan is within the service life

replace parts

1 Replacement of cooling fan. The service life of the cooling fan is generally (10 ~ 35) × 103 hours, if the frequency converter is in normal use, the fan should be replaced every 2 ~ 3 years

2. Filter capacitor. The middle DC link of the frequency converter uses high-capacity electrolytic capacitors, which should be replaced once every five years in general

3. After several years of use, the action time of the timer will change greatly. Check whether its action time is normal. Since PPC is an amorphous material, then determine whether to replace it. According to tan Weihong, general manager of Haier New Materials Research and Development Co., Ltd., relays and contactors will have poor contact after long-term use, and they also need to be replaced according to their use conditions

4. The service life of the fuse is generally 10 years, and it should be replaced on time

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