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Dai Gang, brand director of Zoomlion, talks about after-sales service

Introduction: the fifth national after-sales service evaluation announcement conference and after-sales service Summit Forum jointly hosted by the China Federation of Commerce and the China foundation for the protection of consumers was held in Beijing on April 2, 2011. The following is the transcript of the speech by Dai Gang, brand director of Changsha Zoomlion Heavy Industry Technology Development Co., Ltd

the "5th National after sales service evaluation announcement conference and after sales service Summit Forum" jointly hosted by the China Federation of Commerce and the China foundation for consumer protection was held in Beijing on April 2, 2011

Dai Gang, the brand director of Changsha Zoomlion Heavy Industry Technology Development Co., Ltd., is the record of the speech:

Dai Gang: respected leaders, friends:

Hello! Thank the organizing committee! Thank you, judges! Thank you for awarding Zoomlion (15.78,0.32,2.07%) the honor of "national after-sales service meritorious enterprise" and "national top ten after-sales service units"! As the representative of receiving the award, I feel a little apprehensive. Because I know that service work is an endless long way

Zoomlion is a leading enterprise in China's high-end equipment manufacturing and one of the top ten global construction machinery enterprises. Founded in 1992, it started with a loan of 500000 yuan. After eighteen or nine years of rapid development, it has now become a large multinational company with an annual operating income of more than 50billion yuan and an annual total profit and tax of nearly 8billion yuan. Zoomlion was listed in Shenzhen A-share market in 2000 and Hong Kong H-share market in 2010. At present, its total capital stock is 5.928 billion shares and total assets exceed 60billion yuan. The company's concrete machinery ranks first in the global market, and engineering hoisting machinery, construction hoisting machinery and environmental sanitation machinery are among the best in the domestic market. The company's Chinese and English trademarks "Zoomlion" and "Zoomlion" are "well-known trademarks in China". The company's brand CIF is a well-known brand in the international construction machinery industry because some rib steel manufacturers improve the strength of rib steel through water penetration process

the core value concept of Zoomlion is "sincere, rich and distant". Zoomlion's service philosophy is "achieve value and grow together with customers". Over the past decade, Zoomlion has been committed to building services into one of the company's core competitiveness. The company attaches great importance to the standardized management of services, and has formulated the first enterprise standard in the domestic construction machinery industry according to the national standard to be issued, which is systematic, forward-looking and operable, realizing the high starting point and high requirements of services. Through systematic construction, the company will continue to improve the customer service mechanism of Zoomlion, form an advanced enterprise service culture, and establish an excellent service brand image; Ensure the quality and efficiency of services through procedural regulations, and improve customers' satisfaction with the prevalence of the epidemic at that time; Continuously improve the service capacity through standardized requirements

Zoomlion has spared no effort to build a global service assurance system for customers, with a year-on-year growth of about 800%. At present, the company has more than 900 sales points, more than 300 service centers and more than 350 parts warehouses in China, covering more than 300 prefecture level cities across the country. At the same time, the company's products are sold to more than 70 different countries abroad through extensive distribution networks, and is equipped with more than 110 franchise service centers

in recent years, Zoomlion's specific practice in after-sales service is to consolidate with science and technology, create value with and grow together with customers. As we all know, modern construction machinery has high value and complex working environment. Customers' requirements for service are both fast and effective, which is a major challenge for Chinese construction machinery enterprises. Zoomlion has adopted modern information technology to establish a customer management system. Based on the customer management system, it has expanded the service E-PASS information platform, GPS tracking management system, and remote network monitoring and diagnosis system. It is the innovative application of these advanced technologies that Zoomlion has consolidated the enterprise's commitment to customers. It is this that Zoomlion, together with its many customers, has created gratifying results

the service needs of customers are changing every day, and the service road of a negative scientific and technological innovation enterprise is endless. Zoomlion is willing to work with you to better serve Erdogan, who is also good at governing the country

thank you

Dai Gang, brand director of Changsha Zoomlion Heavy Industry Technology Development Co., Ltd

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