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The daily limit position of Zhengzhou glass has increased significantly in recent months.

disk situation: Zhengzhou glass 1609 contract opened at 1175 yuan/ton and closed at 1211 yuan/ton, up 47 yuan/ton or 4% compared with the previous trading day. 04%。 Trading volume increased to 50. About 810000 hands, and the position increased by 1. 930000 to 22. 0.07 million hands, and the position of 1701 contract increased by 1. 90000 to 13. 30000 hands

news: 1. The "China Glass comprehensive index" of contaminated smooth oil on August 9, 2016 was 938. 06 points, up 2 points from August 8, 2016 in the previous period. 78 o'clock. The "China glass price index" is 946. 98 points, up 3% on August 8, 2016 compared with August 8, 2016 in the previous period, which also made plastic manufacturers realize the huge business opportunities in the biodegradable plastic market. three p.m. "China glass market confidence index" is 902. 37 points, up 1% from August 8, 2016 in the previous period. 29 o'clock

spot price: in North China, the ex factory price of 5mm safe float glass in Hebei is reported as 1177 yuan/ton. In Central China, the spot price of 5mm float glass in Wuhan Changli was reported at 1236 yuan/ton. Inventory data: 3348 warehouse receipts were registered at the exchange, an increase of 219 over the previous trading day

summary of Views: the domestic glass market is steadily rising, continuing the upward adjustment atmosphere. The spot price in Shahe region was raised, and the prices of safety, Dejin and Zhengda glass continued to rise. The production and sales of enterprises were in good condition, the overall inventory was low, and the purchasing enthusiasm of processing enterprises was also improved. The spot prices in East China and central China rose one after another, and the prices of glass in Hubei Changli, Yijun, Wuhu Xinyi, Shandong Jinjing and other regions rose. Haig, the National Expert Advisory Committee for the development of new materials industry, continued: our analysis results show that the Committee. Spot prices in South China rose steadily, while glass prices such as Xinyi and Yingde Hongtai increased. The continuous rise in the spot market boosted the futures price. Technically, the glass 1609 contract closed at the daily limit. The futures price further tested the pressure of 1250, and the short-term continued the strong upward trend. In terms of operation, short-term trading is the main method

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