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Akron, Ohio - Steve Levy's challenge: how can he bring light to his clients' dark, cramped first floor living room

this is a common problem. Levi's solution, however, is what, however

Akron, Ohio, artists and interior designers light up some floor to ceiling glass rooms installed directly above the home office, in the new window, adjacent to the room on the same floor. As an internal skylight, the floor fills the living room with sunlight and gives its occupied sky a glimpse through the window

this is also a sleek architectural accent, which makes the artistic atmosphere of home office a contemporary marginal homeowner award

floor structural glass, glass, is specially produced as an example of the use of structural elements in buildings. Usually in a business environment, but it sometimes shows this form of glass walls, canopies, floors, stair landings and stair treads in high-end homes, said Manuel mariner, President and CEO of innovative Sanjiangyuan structural glass California. Even in more mainstream homes, the shell made of Frameless Shower structural glass panels has become common

structural glass is a new material, although it is being used in new ways. It was developed in the early 20th century, often in colored, opaque forms, including the outer walls of buildings, and gave them signatures, decorative art and modern art style simplification

One of the early types of glass structure is porcelain plate, which still clads countless bathroom walls and some old houses around the fireplace

the Levi installation of the 3-by-71/2-foot floor is about an inch thick and rests on the aluminum frame of the white oak floor entering the room. Increasingly sitting on flush panels with wooden floors is no small feat, considering that the house dates back to the 1940s, and its floor is not level, Levi said, who runs Steve Levi's interior (

“ This must be a learning experience There are many fining wheel gaskets and things, ” He said

the floor forms an adjacent window, which is an L-shape of the same size. Sculptures are scattered on the floor, and on the basis of the window, the glass creates an artistic crystal photo frame. At night, the glass glows from the LED in the surrounding light

Levy said that the floor glass is strong enough to walk on, although the customer “ Dogs don't cross and their guests sometimes don't hesitate to strengthen it& ldquo; Wearing a skirt is a disadvantage, ” He said with a smile

glass may look like a fragile floor material, but this kind of glass is specially designed for strength

structural glass is thicker than annealed glass, which is a typical house window, the sailor said. It is also treated differently, although it depends on how the glass to be used is treated

he explained that structural glass was designed specifically for each application. Glass may expose forces that believe, whether it's the wind of a hurricane, the impact of a bullet, or just the impact of high heels. He said that then makeup glass manufacturing process, it is designed to make glass bear these troops

in the case of glass floor, the glass is tempered, which means that it is heated to a nearby molten state, and then cooled rapidly with air. Leading to the inner part of the glass, try to push yourself towards the outer layer, creating a tense reinforced glass, the sailor said

glass floor interlayer, from the bonding material between glass layers to supplement physical strength. Even if the top layer breaks, the bonding material prevents crushing the entire panel, the sailor said. This eliminates the danger of falling through people

it is possible that the structural glass is broken, the sailor said, perhaps because something hit the glass, or because of incorrect installation, improperly designed support or contamination in the glass. However, this is unusual. He said he saw the glass being thrown against the steel beam structure and rebound

besides being strong, it's beautiful. A glass wall that can provide an uninterrupted view of outdoor activities is made of metal or wood frames, the sailor pointed out. He said that it can also create curves and other interesting shapes, or dress structural glass, sandblasted glass or any silk screen or printed images

elegance comes at a price

“ It's expensive, no doubt, ” Said the sailor. However, he said that even a relatively small piece of glass can have a big impact on aesthetics

for example, his company created a joint kitchen and restaurant in California, with an area of 4× 4-foot floor, lift &8203&# 8203; For the next, part of the house flows by the river. He said that the panel is about 300 yuan

levy, however, the better part is the novelty of using glass for his customers' floors

“ New things are happier, ” He said




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