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As soon as my friend moved into his new home recently, he couldn't wait to send me pictures of his new home. Good, thinking of the 65 day decoration process during his decoration, my dark circles have been boiled like this:

as soon as my friend moved into his new home recently, he couldn't wait to send me pictures of his new home. Good job, thinking of the 65 day decoration process during his decoration, my dark circles have been boiled like this:

this friend must not be a pro

it's just a matter of effort. My friend lives in a new house as he wishes, and the decoration process is also bumpy. There are no mistakes in the general decoration process, so we are in line with the principle of:

saving money, time and worry

, we can say that we have decorated his 150 square meters of high-grade simple style with high efficiency! Take the picture as evidence:

living room





How do we decorate the house

decoration is simple to say, but in practice, it's true that white hair can grow several roots. Fortunately, with my old driver in the decoration industry, I won't take the detour. Come and see how we spent this inhuman 65 days

? Decoration day 1

foreman, designer, owner, site disclosure, demolition project positioning

check whether the original wall surface is leaking, whether the air conditioner stand is complete and convenient for installation, whether the air conditioner hole and the toilet exhaust hole meet the design requirements, whether to re open the hole, whether the water pipe is unobstructed, whether the doors and windows are intact and open smoothly, whether there are obvious cracks in the wall, whether the internal insulation of the wall needs to be removed, and whether the wall surface of the old public house needs to be completely removed and repainted

if there are no problems above, the handover is actually completed. The decoration company should be responsible for such problems in the later stage. It is best to have a written receipt signed by both parties

the owner goes to the property to apply for a construction permit, open water and electricity, and give the contact information of all contacts of materials provided by Party A on site to the foreman, who will arrange the receipt of goods

notify the balcony to conduct on-site measurement. Some openings need the construction team to cooperate with the construction of doors and windows, and the relevant cooperation projects need to be clarified on site

on the second day of decoration

the decoration team shall dismantle the wall, original facilities and holes, dismantle the wall skin, clean the site and remove the garbage according to the requirements of the demolition plan. It is necessary to check whether all the walls to be eradicated are in place

for which walls can be removed and which cannot be removed, different structural forms are different. Brick concrete residential buildings are supported by walls, so as long as the walls with a width of more than 120 mm are basically not removable. Frame structure and frame shear wall structure residential buildings, as long as they are not cement walls, but block walls, can be removed from the perspective of structural safety

judge what the structure of your house is. It's in your room book and residential user manual. At the same time, you must consult with the property management department. After all, they are more professional than you

on the third day of decoration

the positioning of water and electricity and the mobilization of materials. The brands and specifications of strong and weak wires, water pipes, flame-retardant pipes and air switches should be checked one by one according to the standards of the contract list

after the completion of hydropower construction, the bricklayer needs to check again before entering the site to prevent the intermediate process from stealing beams and changing columns. Strong current three lines and one tube (one line and one tube means you are killed)

the water energy is on the top, try not to go on the ground, so as to facilitate later maintenance. Generally, there will be pipes and wires that have been put on at home. As long as you don't mention it, the conventional treatment method is that he will borrow the previous pipes, but he will still calculate the money for you according to the new ones. The previous wires are either sold for you or used for you, but the money still counts. So if you want to be more serious, after the water and electricity are completed, but before the bricklayer is done, call the construction unit and designer for field measurement

on the 4th to 5th day of decoration

notify the floor heating manufacturer to enter the site for construction and pressure test of water supply pipes. Generally speaking, the initial pressure is 6kg, and it is normal for the pressure to drop below zero kg before boiler installation. If the pressure drops to zero, it must be water leakage or damage during construction

on the 6th to 15th day of decoration

mobilization and construction of hydropower materials, pressure maintaining test of waterway and mobilization of waterproof materials

water supply pipe pressure test, pressure 8 kg, half an hour without pressure drop, spot check several joints, and wrap the joints with napkins to see if the napkins are wet

inform the central air conditioner that the fresh air manufacturer will enter the site for synchronous construction, and check whether the insulation cotton package of the air conditioning pipe is in place. The insulation package needs to be checked at the connection and joint

the 16th-19th day of decoration

waterproof construction, closed water test. In the 24-hour closed water test, there is no water leakage under the floor, around the pipeline and at the corners of the wall. Must be present in person, preferably with the downstairs owner for acceptance

notify the floor tile delivery, agree with the foreman to let the foreman receive the goods, and seal the balcony manufacturer to enter the site for construction

check the smoothness of opening, the integrity of sealant, shake hard to check the firmness, observe the tightness of the opening fan after closing, and then check whether there is water leakage in rainy days

20-30 days of decoration

lay tiles, stones, pipes and floors

after 8 hours of water storage, check whether the water retaining sill of the shower room is leaking. Knock the brick with a small hammer to check the hollowing of the wall and floor tiles. Knock a brick at the four corners and in the middle. Listen to the sound. If there is a different sound, it means there is an empty drum

the following areas with hollows must be changed

1, the hollows of floor tiles that are often walked must be changed,

2, the wall tiles with a height of more than one meter should be changed, which are easy to fall and hit people

3, more than 4 wall tiles in the same area must be changed

4, and the places with bed feet and table feet such as the bottom of beds, tables and chairs must be changed

5. In the future, the place that needs to drill holes to hang things must be changed to

wooden door order. After the bricklayer enters the site, the wooden door is measured on site and starts production. The wooden door production cycle is long. If you want to control the construction period within 60 days, the wooden door must be set out and measured after the bricklayer enters the site

the bricklayer shall notify the cabinet after completion, and the basin cabinet manufacturer shall start production after on-site measurement. Windowsill stone, threshold stone, shower room water retaining strip, purchased after on-site measurement, relevant dimensions shall be provided after the bricklayer enters the site, and the materials shall arrive at the site 3 days before the bricklayer is completed. After the bricklayer is completed, the floor and skirting line shall be measured and calculated on site

the 31st-36th day of decoration

the balcony ceiling, wallboard, soft and hard base course of the guest restaurant, and the door opening is bright. Check the brand and model of blockboard. If Blockboard is to be environmentally friendly, it is best to use E0 grade Blockboard. The hole size of downlight spotlight needs to be provided in front of the ceiling. It is recommended to use light steel keel for the ceiling keel. The water content of wood keel is relatively high, and the overall stability is relatively poor compared with light steel keel. Inform the integrated ceiling manufacturer to install synchronously, measure wallpapers and wallcoverings on the spot, the wardrobe manufacturer to measure on the spot, and produce, and the shower room manufacturer to measure on the spot, And production

38-46 days of decoration

wall top base course treatment, gypsum line installation, putty application, latex paint or wallpaper installation, putty brand and model check, latex paint check according to the standard brand and model of the contract bill, bag putty and barrel latex paint need to be opened face to face after arriving at the site to prevent old materials from being loaded into new barrels

inform the wooden door installation, install the door after two times of putty, and the door needs finished product protection

check whether the door stopper is installed loosely, whether the opening and closing are smooth, shake the door back and forth after closing to see if there is a gap, check whether the door pocket is loose, and whether the door pocket and the door are scratched during installation. Whether the door lock is loose

the 47th-49th day of decoration

notify the cabinet and the basin cabinet manufacturer to install it 3 days in advance, and check whether the appearance is bumped, whether the door is opened smoothly, especially the hardware needs to check whether the use is smooth, whether the gap between everyone and the door is uniform up and down, whether the damping of hardware with damping is in place, notify the kitchen electricity 3 days in advance, and the water tank is installed on site

the water tank is full of water. After discharge, check whether it is smooth, whether the lower drain pipe leaks, and the connection between the drain pipe and the downpipe needs to be sealed with glue

on the 50th day of decoration

install basins, toilets, bathtubs, faucets, showers, and all materials, including angle valves, hoses, etc., arrive 3 days in advance

the basin is full of water. After discharge, check whether it is smooth and whether the lower drainage pipe leaks. The drainage pipe of the basin needs to have an independent trap, and the connection between the drainage pipe and the drainage pipe needs to be sealed with glue

whether the toilet water is normal, whether the base is glued, and whether the base leaks by pumping water several times

the bathtub stores 1/4 of water, and check whether it is smooth after discharge

on the 51st day of decoration

when the floor manufacturer installs it, he shall be notified one week in advance. Before installation, he shall check whether the ground under the floor is cleaned, otherwise it will be dusty later. After installation, he shall check whether there is hollowing on the floor and directly step on it one by one

52-54 days of decoration

wardrobe manufacturer installation, one week's notice in advance

check whether there is a bump in the appearance and whether the door is opened smoothly. Check whether the edge banding strip of the plate is missing or not, especially the laminate inside the cabinet

55-60 days of decoration

install hardware, lamps, switch panels, mirrors, mirror cabinets, and materials 3 days in advance. The shower room shall be installed by the manufacturer with 3 days' notice. Check whether the waterproof sealing around the shower room is smooth. Check the 3C mark and factory code of glass. The mark needs to be burned, not pasted

acceptance and repair. Review the above inspection points

? On the 60th + day of decoration

formaldehyde removal

let's first say a major premise. Formaldehyde after decoration is a continuous release process, so formaldehyde removal is also a continuous process

formaldehyde concentration

formaldehyde is everywhere. Any zero formaldehyde is nonsense. If the indoor concentration is lower than the national standard by 0.08mg/m3, it is safe. It is the measurement result of being close to the wall and about 1 meter away from the ground after being stuffy for an hour, avoiding air ducts and vents

formaldehyde removal method with the highest cost performance

· Open windows for ventilation + temperature rise

most molecules are active at the same time of temperature rise, so the best decoration time is from March to June. Keep ventilation for 3 months under the high temperature in summer, and the formaldehyde concentration in your home can basically be maintained within the national standard. (except for your furniture with special taste)

if it's winter, you can turn on the floor heating if you have it to speed up the release of formaldehyde

· Fresh air formaldehyde removal

formaldehyde has been released, and to a certain concentration will be harmful to health. Fresh air is to change the air in the whole house at least every hour, so as long as there is fresh air, the formaldehyde concentration in your house has been diluted, which is difficult to exceed the standard. (except for your furniture with special taste)

of course, you must not live in it for the first month

· The air purifier removes formaldehyde

the air purifier removes formaldehyde in conjunction with the ventilation of doors and windows. It does not depend on him to remove formaldehyde alone. The window is opened during the day and the purifier is opened at night. The main principle of the air purifier is to add a filter screen and a fan. Now there are purifiers used in industrial purification plants on the market, which are very cheap and have great power. In addition to being ugly, they have no major problems and are suitable for use in newly decorated houses

· Photocatalyst decomposition to remove formaldehyde

and colleagues in the industry have learned that real photocatalyst is an effective way to decompose formaldehyde, but the cost is very high. If you skip 10000 words, what you come into contact with is castrated. It is effective, but it is also better than publicity




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