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Now the bathroom is no longer a simple home supporting role. People have higher and higher requirements for the comfort and beauty of the bathroom, which has become the focus of high-quality home life! However, the decoration of the bathroom should not only be beautiful and comfortable, but also consider its safety, because the bathroom is in a relatively dark space in the layout of the family room, and the air circulation is not smooth; The ground is also easy to slip due to ponding, causing personal injury; The humidity is too heavy, and the supplies in the bathroom are vulnerable to moisture; Where water, electricity and gas lines are concentrated, waterproof, corrosion prevention and rust prevention are very important. Generally speaking, the decoration of the bathroom should pay attention to the following nine details:

1. The waterway transformation should be cautious

the water supply and drainage lines in the bathroom should not be changed too much. If they need to be changed, they should be determined according to the specific situation, such as the different models of washing machines, the positions of water supply and drainage will also be different

2. The circuit laying needs to be moisture-proof

the wire joints in the bathroom must be hung with tin, and must be wrapped with waterproof tape and insulating tape successively to ensure safety; The wire body must be covered with flame-retardant tubes; All switches and sockets must have moisture-proof boxes, and the location also depends on the size and location of the electrical appliance, so as to ensure convenient and reasonable use

3. The ground should be waterproof

be sure to be waterproof before laying floor tiles; After the tiles are laid, ensure that the tile surface has a drainage slope (generally about 1%), and the slope faces the floor drain; After laying ceramic tiles on the ground, the closed water test must be carried out for at least 24 hours; Pay attention to the joint and alignment with the wall tiles when laying the floor tiles, so as to ensure the overall feeling of the whole bathroom, so as to avoid creating a messy impression visually

4. Installation of sanitary ware

it is best to remember the distance between the drainage holes before decoration, and select sanitary ware such as bathtub, bathroom, toilet and wash basin according to the size, so as to avoid improper size during decoration; The installation of the toilet should be sealed with toilet mud first, and then fixed with expansion screws or glass glue, so that it is easy to repair when the toilet is blocked

5. Keep the doors and windows ventilated

it is best to have windows in the bathroom to facilitate ventilation; If there is no window, pay special attention to the details of the door. In order to prevent the water in the bathroom from overflowing, the door boundary should be slightly higher than the inner side of the bathroom; The gap between the door of the bathroom and the ground should be left a little larger to facilitate the return air; If it is a sliding door, a waterproof layer should be made between the sliding door and the bathroom tile

6. Choose waterproof, anti-corrosion and anti rust materials for the ceiling

because the water vapor in the bathroom is heavy, you should choose those materials with the characteristics of waterproof, anti-corrosion and anti rust

7. Moisture proof and waterproof of the wall

the tiles on the wall should also be moisture-proof and waterproof, and the tiles should be flat and aligned with the floor tiles to ensure the integrity of the wall and the ground; If the outlet of the water supply pipeline is encountered, the cut of the ceramic tile should be small and appropriate, which is convenient for the flange cover on the water feeder to cover the cut, making the appearance perfect

8. Add a touch of green to the bathroom

the living room and bedroom are not the patent of potted plants. Adding a touch of green to the bathroom appropriately also has a unique beautiful scenery! Especially in such a dark room for a long time, putting a pot of green plants in the bathroom brings vitality to the bathroom and makes people feel happy in the bathroom. It is best to choose plants that are wet loving and shade tolerant for potting

9. Exhaust fans help ventilate

exhaust fans must be prepared in the bathroom, which most people know. However, it should be noted that the exhaust fan should have a retrograde gate to prevent the dirty air originally discharged from flowing back





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