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Seeing more than a few commonly used styles, if several elements are combined, the so-called mix and match style will be formed. The mix and match style is not random, and the effect is quite ugly if it is not well matched. Today, let's take a look at the mix and match style design of furniture. These furniture without exception use the Oriental style, and the delicate and elegant feeling will definitely amaze you

this dark storage cabinet looks inconspicuous, but it reflects Oriental sentiment from hue to detail. If you pay attention to texture, this storage cabinet can also be called a rare object

do you feel like entering the movie screen when you see such a side cabinet. Indeed, this side cabinet is not big, but the details of the design are in place. The white cabinet body also shows the overall elegant atmosphere

this single solid wood chair is a perfect match with this vintage storage cabinet, especially the storage cabinet. The old color and simple texture make you feel the charm of art

if you are particularly fond of Oriental culture, you must buy such a storage cabinet in your home space. Although there is no diversified design, the simple and retro form alone can make people unconsciously fall into memories

solid wood chairs and small side tables are made of black, and the details are handled very well, full of luster. The design form is made according to the oriental traditional style, which is simple and full of charm

such furniture and decorations are simply synonymous with perfection. Modern furniture can give people more fashion elements, while traditional furniture and styles will calm people's mood and pay attention to the real beauty

the beauty of this storage cabinet is more obvious against the backdrop of peony, the king of flowers. The regular design and simple colors make this product look more elegant




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